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Top 10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Getting Ripped Off at a Pageant

There are thousands of pageants to choose from in the world. As many of us are aware, pageantry can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. It's important to be a well-informed consumer so that you are investing your time and money into reputable ...

11, August 2017

Pageant Arrival Etiquette: What You NEED To Know

Beautiful Mrs. contestants at the 2017 Galaxy Pageant orientation. Photo: @missgreatlakesgalaxy Instagram. There are several phases of events you'll go through when it comes to competing for a crown. First you'll research systems and poss...

20, July 2017

What Nail Colors Should You Wear for a Pageant?

Kara McCullough reacts to being crowned the new Miss USA. Photo: Miss USA Organization, In preparation for your next pageant, you've thought about everything from head to toe. You know exactly how you plan to style your hair, what you'll ...

19, July 2017

8 Tips to Plan Successful Appearances as a Titleholder

A variety of titleholders supporting Special Olympics Minnesota. Photo: American Pageants, Inc. So, you’ve got a title, now what? Odds are, there is probably a stipulation in your contract regarding making appearances to help promote the ti...

15, July 2017

How to Choose the Right Platform for You

Janice McQueen Ward, Pageant and Life Coach. Photo: Intuition Design Photography Entering a pageant means getting swimsuit and fitness ready, picking out the perfect gown, working on your stage presence and polishing your interview skills. But...

14, July 2017

How to Answer Hard Pageant Interview Questions

Miss Millard, Miss Draper and Miss Riverton 2017 looking fabulous and confident for the 2017 Miss Utah pageant interview competition. Photo: @miss_millard Instagram. Ever lost sleep thinking about the types of questions you'll be asked in int...

26, June 2017

10 Simple Ways to Practice Walking in High Heels

Miss Florida 2016 Courtney Sexton during this "Show Us Your Shoes" parade at Miss America 2017. Photo: Miss America Organization Preparation is the key to winning any pageant. Walking in heels is essential to any pageant. Practicin...

20, June 2017

What Should Be Included in a Pageant Photo Package?

Emily Schumacher, Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2017 and her court. Photo: Photographycs Next to an appearance, few things can help market a pageant or a queen like a good pageant photo package. Attractive photos of a pageant can help rec...

19, June 2017

What Colors Should You Wear in Fun Fashion Based on Your Hair Color?

Fun fashion is supposed to show off your personality and because of this, a lot of girls choose to wear their favorite colors. But, you need to make sure your favorite color works on stage with your skin tone and with your hair. (Read: What You ...

16, June 2017

How Do Judges Score Beauty Pageants?

UK Dazzling Beauties Judges give feedback to contestants during special seminar. Photo: UK Dazzling Beauties Wouldn't you like to get into the mind of a pageant judge and know exactly what they are looking for? Know exactly how they score the...

12, June 2017

What Shoes Should a Child Wear in a Pageant?

While in older age divisions we use our shoes to help with height, in children’s pageants the shoes should complement the contestant's age. (Read: What is the Difference Between Natural and Glitz Pageants?) Below we have broken it d...

05, June 2017

How to Make a Lasting Impression in a 3-Minute Interview

While the Miss America Organization is known for its rigorous 10-minute interview, other systems have opted to adopt significantly shorter interviews. For example, Miss California USA contestants have two minutes in a panel interview. Internation...

01, June 2017

Top 10 Pageant Interview Questions for the Princess Division

National American Miss princess court 2017-2018. Photo: Rod Aberegg The questions asked for the Princess Division are typically appropriate for girls ages 3 to 6.  National American Miss has their Princess Division for contestants 4 throu...

31, May 2017

How to Dress for Pageant Interview as a Teen

There's a saying in pageantry that "Pageants are won in the interview room." So, your interview wardrobe is just as important as your onstage wardrobe. As a Teen contestant, sometimes it can be harder to find that perfect outfit. You wa...

29, May 2017

What To Do With Your Hands During Onstage Interview

Megan Gordon, Miss South Carolina USA 2017, answers her final question as a top 5 finalist onstage with host Terrence J during The MISS USA® Competition at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Photo by Patrick Prather, cou...

24, May 2017

12 Things You NEED to Know About American Pageants Before Registering

Serena Zamarripa, Miss Teen of America; Giselle Ashton, Junior Miss of America; Chesney Seagraves, Young Miss of America and Bailey O'Dell, Little Miss of America. Photo Courtesy/American Pageants I am a firm believer that in order to pick th...

20, May 2017

17 States That Have Never Won Miss USA

Since its founding in 1952, Miss USA has crowned one lucky lady a year to represent the country and live out her dreams. Although most states have taken home the coveted crown, there are some states that have produced several Miss USAs. State...

15, May 2017

How to Pick the Best Interview Outfit for Miss Contestants

Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber before her interview for Miss Universe 2016. Photo: PR Pageant Coaches Facebook Page Interview is by far the most important phase of the competition no matter the pageant. This is a contestant's chance to show a ...

14, May 2017

What You NEED to Know to Win a Festival Pageant

Madelynn Hutchins, 2016 East Texas Pultry Festival Queen. Photo courtesy: Madelynn Hutchins Instagram Call them what you will, festival pageants are a different genre of pageant altogether. Also referred to as royalty, scholarship, ambassador pro...

11, May 2017

5 Signs Your Pageant Seamstress is an Expert

Miss Teen of Minnesota 2016, Alexis Schugel, with seamstress Dolores Pemble, owner of The Spool House, Hastings, MN. Photo courtesy: Alexis Schugel. Of all the VIPs on your pageant team, one of the MVPs is likely your seamstress. These talented, ...

03, May 2017

10 Male Pageant Questions Asked in Every Interview

(Mister Lebanon after being crowned Mister International 2017. Photo: Mister International Organization) When people hear the word pageants, they usually think about beautiful women gliding across a stage in an array of sparkling evening gowns. H...

29, April 2017

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