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10 Pageant Song Ideas for Talent

26, October 2012

There is only one question when it comes to your on-stage talent and the panel of judges before you: Do I want to see it again?  

That is the mark of a great pageant talent no matter what you are doing. Whatever skills you take to the stage should entertain everyone in the house. That is your goal. Not all of your judges will be experts in your talent. However, anyone can appreciate a talent that is memorable.

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Miss California 2019 Eileen Kim. Photo: Miss California Instagram

So remember, when choosing what to sing, dance to, or play, it’s about creating a bond between you and your audience in less than two minutes. Here are a few songs that have left an impression on me over the years. Hopefully, you can re-create and refresh one of them to make it your own! Good luck!

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Pageant Songs to Sing for Talent

1. Dream a Little Dream of Me Sweet and simple is sometimes just what is called for. Let’s be honest; if talent is not your strongest area of competition, this song, done well, can give you the consistency you need to win.

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow This song is another that pageant lovers all over the world have heard a time or two. Give it another chance though. Add a twist by making it a little country or maybe a little rock and roll.

3. Think of Me Great for opera singers from Phantom of the Opera, you can take audience to another place in time. With a beautiful ball gown to match, the judges won’t be able to think of anyone but you!

4. Defying Gravity I love this every time I hear it. It’s encouraging and really displays the talents of contestants with a great set of lungs. It’s always a crowd pleaser if you can really hit those notes.

5. Greatest Love of All It’s Whitney and everybody loves Whitney! Don’t play with this song. If you can sang, go for it especially if your platform is geared toward youth. 

6. Fever Burn up the stage with this sexy number! Be careful of how much you sizzle because too much might fizzle out with more conservative pageant judges.

7. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend I’ve never heard anything more true than this! It’s fun, bold, and big. Make sure your song doesn’t outshine your wardrobe. Everything has got to sparkle.

8. My Strongest Suite It’s a classic standby for pageant dancers everywhere. Especially for kiddie pageants, this upbeat and entertaining song can get your judges to tap their feet and subsequently, scoring you high in talent. Big smiles for this one.

Instrumental Pageant Song Ideas

9. Titanic Theme Song There’s not a soul alive that didn’t feel a little heartstring pulled with this movie. It remains one of the highest ranking box office hits. Jump on that emotion and bring that to the stage.

10. Make it up! If you can play by ear you’ve got an awesome wildcard. Choose your favorite songs and blend them together in a way that is meaningful to you. The judges will appreciate a true creative talent.  

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