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How to Prepare for a Glitz Pageant

28, November 2012

glitz coaching tips, glitz headshot This headshot would score well in a Glitz pageant!

If you are trying to prepare for a Glitz Pageant not only can you tune in to the popular show “Toddlers and Tiaras”, but you can check out these helpful tips for your daughter! Glitz pageants are a great place to start if your daughter is more comfortable performing than speaking, and they are easily found all over the country for children under the age of 5.

Where to start

If you’re going to compete in a Glitz pageant the first thing you will need to do is get glamor head-shots taken. These head-shots make little girls that look like plastic dolls, but they are too cute! Glamor Shots are extremely important because this is the judge’s first impression of the contestant. You do not want to submit a natural photo with little to no make up for a Glitz Pageant. Take head-shots in the makeup, tan, hair, etc. as you would have your daughter wear it on stage.

What you will need

Here are a few of the key things you will need to succeed at a Glitz pageant. First you will need to invest in some fake hair pieces. The more hair the better! Fake hair pieces not only make your young child have a full head of hair, but it will also make their face look more full and it will add to the overall presentation of your daughters final look! Deep spray tans have become more popular in Glitz pageants. If you can get your young daughter to cooperate and let you tan her, I recommend doing this.

Not only will it make her look more flattering in all her outfits, but nice tan skin will really make her evening gown colors POP! If you are not ready to spray tan your daughter, invest in some bronzing lotion you can rub on her before she goes on stage. Spray tans just stay on longer, and you don’t have to worry about getting the lotion all over her dress or talent costume, but the lotion will accomplish the same thing.

Next on the list, are fake teeth (also known as Flippers.) Flipper teeth are cosmetic coverings to improve appearance of the teeth. For the older girls who have all their teeth, this may not be necessary, but for those 5 year old girls who are losing their teeth, a “perfect” smile is what the judges are looking for. Note these fake teeth are very pricey but they will be a great investment, especially when it’s time for Glamor head-shots!

Another thing your daughter will need for competition is a short routine as she competes in every stage of competition. Depending on the system, some places even let you play music. Often times this is popular for competition section “outfit of choice” These routines are a lot of fun and an easy way to show off your daughter’s personality and creativity! These pageants stand apart from Natural Beauty pageants, because contestants perform every section of competition with exaggerated eye lash batting, tilting of the head from side to side, and blowing lots of kisses to the judges. Sounds crazy but these little things really make the judges fall in love with the contestant.

Final Preparation

Glitz pageants are all about the Bling! When you are picking out your evening gown of choice, keep in mind younger girls are wearing short cup-cake dresses. These are dresses normally seen on “Toddlers and Tiaras”. Cup-cake dresses are bright in color, and have bling EVERYWHERE! These dresses are usually custom made with ruffles and rhinestones from head to toe and are extremely rare. You can also find little dresses like this at various prom/pageant mega-stores like Henri’s Cloud Nine in Ohio. If you are preparing your daughter for her first Glitz pageant, this might all seem like a lot.

At Glitz Pageants you will see little girls go the whole nine yards from fake eye lashes to color contacts. But trust me; every little detail will only help her stand out amongst the rest! And if you think you’re over doing it, in a Glitz pageant, there is no such thing! But I’m not going to lie; Glitz pageants are a lot more expensive than any natural pageants. You may not be used to it now but once you see your daughter all dolled up on stage you will see how worth it all the work that goes into these special events. Good luck preparing for your next Glitz Pageant and future pageant endeavors!


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