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Top 10 Swimsuit Bodies of 2016

19, February 2017
Getting your body cut, toned and ripped for a pageant is no easy feat. The hours spent at the gym and meal prepping are worth it to get the bodies of these women featured in the 2016 Top 10 Best in Fitness for the Miss division. These women have raised the bar and set the standards for great physiques for years to come. If this year’s list is any indication of what it takes to have the body of a titleholder, then those cheat days are going to be numbered. The swimsuit and fitness competitions account for a great deal of points, and this year’s top women truly wowed the judges and show us that fitness is an everyday activity. (Read: Make Fitness A Habit - Daily Fit Tip)

Top 10 Swimsuit Bodies of 2016

 10. Brittany Payne, Miss Kern County USA Brittany is no newcomer to the pageant circuit and her body definitely shows it. The former Miss Earth United States grabbed the Miss California USA pageant by its horns when she walked out on stage. Her long legs and torso really elongate her body. The combination of the blue patterned swimsuit and her blonde hair was a perfect match as she looked lively and joyful during this moment.

Brittany Payne, Miss Kern County USA Photo: Miss California USA Organization Brittany Payne, Miss Kern County USA. Photo: Raphael Maglonzo Photography/Miss California USA Organization

9. Rachel Wyatt, Miss South Carolina Rachel looked absolutely stunning and ready for the Miss America stage. The light green color really brings out her tan. You can tell she did not skimp on ab day. Her stomach definition shows she had serious discipline when it came to her diet and working out. (Read: 5 Healthy Fats Your MUST Have In Your Pageant Diet)

Rachel Wyatt Photo: Miss America Organization Rachel Wyatt, Miss South Carolina. Photo: Miss America Organization

8. Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut USA It took Tiffany four attempts before she was crowned Miss Connecticut USA 2016. She worked with the same trainer for the last three years. Her fitness regime through Figure Fitness Training consisted of staying on a strict diet, constant training and doing cardio every day. She looked great on the Miss USA stage and proved that you can go far in the USA system regardless of your height. You just need to put in the effort and work.

Tiffany Teixeria, Miss Connecticut Photo: Miss USA Organization Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut USA. Photo: Miss USA Organization

7. Deshauna Barber, Miss USA Another small figure on the Miss USA stage, Deshauna was all muscle and confidence and it worked in her favor. With her Army background and training, it comes as no surprise that Deshauna was in the best shape of her life for both Miss USA and Miss Universe. We know this girl has serious discipline. It looks like those 5 a.m. wake-up calls to train worked in her favor. From her arms to abs to walk, she nailed the swimsuit competition. (Read: 9 Military Inspired Moves to Get a Body like Miss USA 2016)

Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber Photo: Miss USA Organization Deshauna Barber, Miss USA. Photo: Miss USA Organization

6. Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama USA Peyton was absolutely stunning, so it’s no wonder she placed Top 5 at Miss USA 2016. Peyton chose a pink, orange and white patterned swimsuit and it was a great choice. Her arms are incredibly toned and highlight her flat tummy. Paired with a great smile, Peyton came out and showcased pure confidence on stage.

miss-alabama-usa-peyton-brown Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama USA. Photo: Miss USA Organization

5. Desi Williams, Miss Virginia USA Desiree came ready for the swimsuit competition and had one of the strongest, fittest bodies at Miss USA. Seeing how she is an assistant professor in the Physical Therapy department at Hampton University, it’s no surprise Desi top this year’s list. She has a passion for health and fitness and frequently posts healthy recipes and her meals on her blog. Desi left no stone unturned when it came to her physique, her thighs, arms, abs and shoulders were on point and popped on stage. True body goals right here. She also shined in her state evening gown. (Read: Miss Virginia USA 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?)

desi-williams-miss-virginia-usa-2016-swimsuit Desiree Williams, Miss Virginia USA. Photo: Miss USA

4. Corrin Stellakis, Miss Earth United States Corrin’s figure and feminine curves place her at our number four spot. Her choice of a purple bikini for competition directly contrasts with her dark brown hair and tan. This color really works for her and was a great choice. Her ab definition is great and her long legs really complete this look.

corrin-miss-earth-united-states-swimsuit Corrin Stellakis, Miss Earth United States 2016. Photo: Miss Earth United States

3. Alicia Angus, World's Perfect Miss With Alicia being a swimsuit model, it is no surprise she comes in at number three. Every swimsuit she wears looks great on her. Her curves were on display at the 2016 competition and she showcased how to still be fit and extremely feminine. Her toned legs are amazing!

World's Perfect Miss Photo: Facebook Alicia Angus, World's Perfect Miss. Photo: Facebook

2. Alexis Sherrill, Miss US Supranational Alexis did not come to play at Miss US Supranational or the international pageant Miss Supranational. Her arm, ab and thigh muscles were on display for the judges. She put in serious work at the gym to produce these results and it definitely shows. The baby blue swimsuit color accentuates her physique and brings focus to her flat stomach.

Miss US Supranational, Alexis Sherril Alexis Sherrill, Miss US Supranational. Photo: Miss Supranational

1. Chalita Suansane, Miss Universe Thailand Chalita slayed the Miss Universe competition in both her swimsuit and in her evening gown. Her straight, dark brown hair and yellow swimsuit immediately brought focus to her to make her a standout. Although her actual muscle definition is softer than the other women on this list, we couldn't help but admire her extreme confidence and she graced the stage. Her curves and toned arms brought this look together. The time spent to eat right was proven with Chalita’s presentation during the swimsuit round. (Read: What It Takes To Have Amazing Abs Like A Miss USA Titleholder)

Chalita Suansane, Miss Thailand Universe - Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Thailand Fan Page. Chalita Suansane, Miss Universe Thailand - Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Thailand Fan Page.

That wraps up this year's list. Don't get body envy just looking at these ladies – reach out to a trainer to help you get in shape just like them. We made it easy for you, search our Personal Trainer's Directory on our website to find one near you. Save Save Save Save


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