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Cassandra Wallace


  • Image Hair Color Blonde
  • Image Eye Color Blue
  • Image Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Image Height 5ft 4inch
  • Image Weight 98lbs

I have been married to my husband David for seven years, we have three boys: Brycen, age 6; and Brodi and Bronx, age 4. When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and going on motorcycle rides with my husband. Before having kids, some of my favorite memories are from the summers I spent working in soup kitchens in squatter camps in Africa.

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    August 16, 1986

  • Washington, United States

Pageant Planet Awards

  • Top 10 Mrs./Ms. Fitness of 2019


Finding Unique Ways to Volunteer and Give Back

Pageant Platform

Fishline is a local food bank in Poulsbo, Washington. They operate a grocery store-style food bank, and a community garden which provides organically grown produce to the food bank. I am passionate about volunteering at Fishline, because as a child my family received food and support from their food bank, and I know first-hand that children have no chance of success, at school or elsewhere, without a full stomach. I am grateful for the people in my life who have invested in me and helped me get to where I am, and now I want to give back by helping people in my community to succeed -- to follow their dreams, and live up to their full potential, starting with a full stomach. Since September, I have volunteered at the grand opening of Fishline’s new food bank, and attended their Silent and Live Auction and annual food drive as a volunteer. I have also worked to spread awareness about the services Fishline provides to the community, by reaching out to local businesses to encourage their support of the organization.

What is the Occupation of Cassandra Wallace

I work as a enrolled agent at a local law firm, where I enjoy strategizing different ways to help people save money on their taxes.

Which School Did Cassandra Wallace Attend?

DeVry University

Why start competing in pageants

I won a local bikini contest and when I went to thank the judges one of the judges was a beauty queen, she recommended that I sign up for a pageant. My passion for volunteering and giving back to my community fit in well with doing pageants.

FUN FACTS about Cassandra Wallace

I have volunteered in six different countries in Africa working in soup kitchens and even hiking bags of beans and rice over the mountain in Uganda to a tribe who's crops had failed.

What is the Nationality of Cassandra Wallace