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Lauren Weaver


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Laurens Teen USA bio:

Lauren Weaver has lived a large portion of her life on a lake and appreciates anything outside particularly including the water. She is a piece of an additional expansive crew. Lauren is one of the most seasoned of six children! She as of late moved on from Greenwood High School. She is glad for keeping up a 4.0 GPA and graduating with distinction. Amid secondary school, she was a piece of numerous social and scholastic clubs and also an individual from the Varsity Pom Squad. Lauren appreciates working out, painting, trekking, deal shopping, volunteering and demonstrating. Lauren is the glad little girl of a four year bosom growth survivor. She is a creature darling and has a colossal place in her heart for canines. She wants to go to the University of Arkansas in the fall. Her objective is to one day turn into a reporter a national system.

One thing you might not have known about Miss Arkansas USA 2018 Lauren Weaver is that she was legally blind, but that recently changed as a result of Lasik eye surgery. (Read: 9 Former Teen USAs Will Compete at Miss USA 2018)

New sight for Miss Arkansas

Weaver has struggled with blurry vision since she was just six years old, which became progressively worse as she grew older. She was officially legally blind after her eyesight reached 20/200, which means that Weaver had to be 20 feet away from something that those with normal eyesight could see from 200 feet away. Thankfully, due to modern medicine, Weaver will be able to see clearly for the upcoming Miss USA pageant. (Read: Top 10 Outfits from New York Fashion Week 2018)

A local news station covered Weaver's surgery and showed footage of her sitting up for the first time after the procedure where she became overwhelmed with her new sight. After the surgery, Weaver has better than perfect vision at 20/15.

Miss Arkansas USA 2018 Lauren Weaver. Photo: Instagram via @missarusa Miss Arkansas USA 2018 Lauren Weaver. Photo: Instagram via @missarusa

"They told me I could sit up and possibly be able to see clearly without my contacts or glasses, but I couldn't really wrap my mind around that," Weaver said to the news station. "I was legally blind before and I just found out today that my vision is better than 20/20, it's 20/15, so I can see better than perfect. I feel like it's kind of a superpower now."

A new world after the procedure

When Weaver sat up after the surgery, her first sight was her mother, who also struggles with extremely blurry vision.

"She also has vision like mine and just seeing someone I love so much for the first time just completely clear, it was wonderful and so I was fluttered with emotions in the moment and I still am a week later," Weaver said.

While it was emotionally overwhelming, Weaver's experience was hardly out of the norm. Weaver's doctor, Dr. Steven Vold, told the local news station that almost every patient is very emotional after their procedures.

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