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Triana Browne-Hearrell


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Triana is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with a focus in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. During her undergraduate career, she was involved in various organizations and activities across campus which included: The Oklahoma State University Women's Track and Field team, Student Health Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Triana was awarded the Academic Achievement Award, 2014 Second-Team Academic All-Big XII, Dean's Honor Roll, 2014-2016 All-Big XII Honors, Top-10 Senior Nomination, Track and Field Scholarship, and Recipient of the Chickasaw Nation Academic Scholarship.

As a child Triana faced different forms of discrimination that left her in a state of extreme depression. Coming from a single parent household with a multi-racial mother and a Polish/Scottish and Chickasaw father who was not around, Triana was in a downward spiral for years, experiencing an abusive home and poverty. At the age of 5, Triana sought out her escape by pursuing her passions in athletics, music, and theater. By the age of 7 Triana began her streak as the state and regional champion in the 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, and 800-meter run qualifying her for the Junior Olympics all while balancing auditioning for acting roles and competing in local talent shows. Triana continued her passions all the way through college becoming a Division 1 Track and Field Heptathlete, and after only three months of training, qualifying then placing top 9 at the Big XII Track and Field Championship in the Heptathlon. Triana spent her time working and coaching athletes from the ages of 4-18 for the USA Track and Field Summer teams, leading them all the way to the USATF Junior Olympics.

However, on the way to practice Triana was confronted by strangers on her campus who yelled for her to go back to her country. It was then that Triana became one of the victims of the divisive rhetoric hovering over the nation. Within the same month, Triana was told that she would no longer be able to attend school because of outstanding bills that her mother could not afford after being laid off despite have multiple degrees. That was when she found the Miss America Organization where she competed and ultimately won the title of Miss Oklahoma State University, paid for her semester tuition, and a ticket to Miss Oklahoma 2016. Although she did not win that year, she fell in love with pageants and balanced training for track and field and training for Miss Oklahoma. Months later she won the title of Miss Oklahoma City 2017. In order to be successful at Miss Oklahoma, Triana chose to stop her training for Tokyo 2020, where she went on to take her platform, Bridging the Great Cultural Divide to Miss Oklahoma. Her life changed when she won overall talent and the title of Miss Oklahoma 2017. Triana acquired enough scholarship to not only almost completely pay for student loans but to help her family financially and was on her way to Miss America 2018. She has since then devoted her time sharing her story instilling hope for any and every person that has faced forms of adversity, discrimination, bigotry, and profiling as a living testimony of living with purpose. Triana completed her year as Miss Oklahoma 2017 in June 2018 and then went on to compete in October 2018 for Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 where she won overall interview, the title of Miss Oklahoma USA 2019, and a journey of a lifetime to Miss USA 2019!

Triana has served as the Regional Coordinator for the Winter and Summer Special Olympics, volunteered at the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank, and has partnered with the American Heart Association for the past three years as the Honorary Cardiovascular Disease survivor leading over 10,000 participants in the Tulsa Heart Walk. Triana was selected to sing the National Anthem at the 2017 Jim Thorpe Awards and the 2018 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Atlanta Hawks Basketball game representing the Chickasaw Nation and Nike N7 Line. She has also partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, spreading her platform and non profit corporation, Bridging the Great Cultural Divide.

Triana is a passionate spokeswoman for various organizations such as the American Heart Association, ambassador of Nike and the Nike N7 branch advocating unity within the power of sports, as well as a spokeswoman for The Chickasaw Nation. Her efforts to be a bridge between communities have given her spots in museums, recognition from multiple tribes and various community groups, and opportunities to go to Washington D.C. to discuss potential ways to Bridge the Great Cultural Divide. In the past year and a half, she has traveled over 85,000 miles and spoken to over 130,000 individuals in person about cultural unity within the state of Oklahoma and will continue her dedication to being a bridge between differing cultural belief systems and communities as Miss Oklahoma USA and with the hopes of becoming Miss USA 2019.

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    January 4, 1993

  • Oklahoma, United States

Pageant Planet Awards

  • Top 10 Miss Fitness of 2019



Pageant Platform

Bridging the Great Cultural Divide

What is the Occupation of Triana Browne-Hearrell

Speaker and founder of Bridge the Divide, INC and Cryoskin Technician

Which School Did Triana Browne-Hearrell Attend?

Oklahoma State University

Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants in order to stay in school. I was told that I would not be able to return my junior year until the tuition amount was paid. Shortly after that message, I spotted an ad for the Miss OSU pageant with the prize money being the amount of the bill. Three weeks later I competed and won allowing me to apply the money and stay in school. I wanted to help my mother because she needed it, she deserved help, being a single parent is difficult. From there I saw how much scholarship money the women received from competing and chose to continue competing in pageants in order to further my education. Winning Miss Oklahoma 2017 a year later and enough scholarship money to almost completely take care of my loans in its entirety was a blessing in many ways. I have loved my journey from pageants and have experienced an exponential amount of growth and confidence. But most importantly have positively impacted thousands by becoming vulnerable, open, and transparent from sharing my story.

FUN FACTS about Triana Browne-Hearrell

She entered Miss Oklahoma State University a day before the pageant. She has 8 brothers and 2 sisters ranging from age five to 34. She was featured in Kings of Leon’s music video for "Beautiful War."

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