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Top 10 Personal Trainers of 2017

13, January 2018

Adam Spiker. Photo: Adam Spiker Facebook Adam Spiker. Photo: Adam Spiker Facebook

One of the most fulfilling things about pageantry is that it pushes you out of the comfort zones that hold you back in life so that you can ultimately become the person that you want to be. But, let’s be honest. The process of pushing ourselves can be really difficult, especially if it’s a goal that we find especially challenging to accomplish on our own. Like the majority of contestants, you may find that you are excellent in some areas of pageant preparation but need work in others. Welcome to the club! But, a lot of people will focus on the areas that they are naturally good at or enjoy the most and ignore the other areas that are harder for them, thinking that the judges will overlook their weaknesses because of their strengths. (Read: Pageant Question About Your Biggest Strength) I’m going to tell you the hard truth. It does not work that way. If you really want to excel in pageantry, and if you are serious about winning your next pageant, you are going to have to be the girl who is at the top of her game in every area. You need to be passionate and proactive about your platform, you need to be groomed immaculately and wear stylish clothing that is ideal for your figure, and you need to be confident in how you carry yourself and how you interact with others. Part of that confidence is based on being fit and strong and how you feel in your own body. (Read: How To Build Confidence Before Competing In Pageant Swimsuit) Nobody is perfect, and you don’t have to be. You just need to be the best version of you that you can be. And, you can bet that that contestant who appears to have a flawless body, wasn’t just born that way, nor did she get that way overnight. No doubt she trained for months, possibly even years, and she mastered her eating habits so that she could achieve maximum results. But, don’t you worry. You are no different than her. There is help available if you are in less than great shape and require the guidance and encouragement of a coach who knows their way around the gym. Thankfully, our readers have a lot of experience getting fit and have generously shared with us their picks for the best personal trainers of 2017. Get ready for a new year and a new you!

Top 10 Personal Trainers of 2017

10. Steve Hernandez Steve Hernandez is all about getting out of your comfort zone. He understands that a lot of women are afraid of weights because they don’t want to look bulky, and he also gets that pageants require a very specific type of physique. It’s that kind of compassion and mastery of his craft that draws pageant girls to him from near and far. (Read: How to Lift Weights And Not Get Bulky) His fans agree, saying, “He's an actual expert in diet and nutrition and knows exactly what to do to get the body we want for competing. He's approachable and flexible with his plans. Steve makes sure that he is setting each girl up with a plan that suits her lifestyle to optimize her success.” Hernandez has clients all over the country, but they’re still able to utilize his services, according to another fan. “Steve trains you to have the body that is most flattering for pageantry. Best of all, he can help you wherever you are situated. His online workouts and Skype sessions allow you to workout anywhere and anytime.”

Steve Hernandez. Photo: Steve Hernandez Facebook Steve Hernandez. Photo: Steve Hernandez Facebook

9. Adam Spiker Adam Spiker of Spiker Fitness in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has a legion of dedicated fans who praise his commitment and personal connection to his clientele. His knowledge and understanding of every facet of competing make him one of the top fitness professionals when titleholders are preparing for a pageant. The following review is indicative of the type of comments that always seem to come up when Spiker’s specific brand of training is discussed. “Adam Spiker is the best trainer I have ever had. He listens to me and my body. During our workouts, he pushes me to my limits in a respectful way so that I won’t get injured or that I can’t complete the reps. He always sends encouraging messages on days where I do not see him either. He always speaks positively to me when I am hard on myself about what I look like, and he has NEVER called me unhealthy or fat or anything but says I am just helping IMPROVE my inner self. I can’t imagine training with anyone else.”

Adam Spiker. Photo: Adam Spiker Facebook Adam Spiker. Photo: Adam Spiker Facebook

8. Rob Thompson One of Rob Thompson’s clients called him, “A quiet storm, a gentle giant” and further explained, “He has this very calm, gentle quiet demeanor, but his workouts are fierce, effective and on point. The visible results leave you wanting to come back for more.” (Read: 8 Pageant Preparation Mistakes You are Probably Making) Thompson, who owns “Get Fit by Rob” in Los Angeles, knows precisely what his pageant clients need, and the glowing reviews say it all. One titleholder wrote, “I would get so excited every time I was on my way to train with him. It is a 500 percent guarantee that you will rock the pageant stage after training with him. If you ever have the luxury to train with him, do it!!!”

Rob Thompson. Photo: Rob Thompson Facebook Rob Thompson. Photo: Rob Thompson Facebook

7. Brian Attebery

Visit Brian Attebery’s Facebook page and you will see photo after photo of famous titleholders, but don’t think for a minute that Attebery thinks of himself as a celebrity. He is beloved by so many people in the pageant world for the simple reason that he invests himself in his clients' personal lives as well as their fitness training. His clients trust him to get them pageant ready because of his expertise of health, nutrition and fitness, but they also trust him because he makes it clear that he is their friend, not just their trainer.

Brian Attebery. Photo: Brian Attebery Facebook Brian Attebery. Photo: Brian Attebery Facebook

6. Josh Rogers

Josh Rogers co-owns RESULTS Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee, and his results-driven training regimes make him the go-to trainer for countless girls in the pageant world. Rogers has helped many titleholders rock the stage during their state and national pageants, and his success is well known throughout the United States. (Read: What Time of Day Gives the Best Workout Results?)

One nominator wrote, “Josh is the perfect balance of work and play. His workouts are no joke, but he makes them fun so I don’t lose motivation. He has produced many winners and was responsible for the best body I’ve ever had. He becomes a friend to all he works with, and all too deserving of this award.”

Josh Rogers. Photo: Josh Rogers Facebook Josh Rogers. Photo: Josh Rogers Facebook

5. Craig Hughes

On Craig Hughes’s Facebook page you will find this statement, “I not only train winners, I identify and create them from scratch.” Body by Craig, the thriving personal training business of Craig Ian Hughes, in Salem, Virginia, is all about an individualistic, holistic approach to getting in shape and reaching your personal fitness goals.

This philosophy is echoed by one of his grateful pageant clients, “Craig Hughes has completely changed the way I approach preparation for competition! Instead of working just the body, he does a full overhaul of mind, body and well being.”

Craig Hughes. Photo: Craig Hughes Facebook Craig Hughes. Photo: Craig Hughes Facebook

4. Angelo Frasier

Angelo Frasier, who owns, “Fit Body by Angelo” in Charleston, South Carolina, is a unique trainer with an extensive history working with a variety of athletes as well as pageant beauties. He has worked with football players, baseball players and professional golfers. His understanding of the human body and what it takes to develop muscle, strength and flexibility makes him a highly sought after fitness coach. (Read: What You NEED to Know to Prepare for Pageant Fitness Wear)

His 20-year history of preparing contestants for local, state and national level pageants with every pageant system imaginable makes him a leader in his field. He is also the official swimsuit trainer for the Mrs. United States pageants, as well as the Miss South Carolina USA, Miss North Carolina USA, Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Alabama USA pageants.

Miss Alabama USA 2017, Baylee Smith, Angelo Frasier and Miss Alabama Teen 2017, Clair Scott. Photo: Angelo Frasier Instagram Miss Alabama USA 2017, Baylee Smith, Angelo Frasier and Miss Alabama Teen 2017, Clair Scott. Photo: Angelo Frasier Instagram

3. Scott Keppel

Scott Keppel writes, “My mission is to empower, educate and motivate millions.” He is extremely passionate about helping individuals realize their full fitness potential and believes that we need to focus on mental health, spiritual health, nutrition and fitness.

Keppel specializes in a unique and systematic blend of fitness training and is the official trainer for many Miss USA and Miss America contestants. His abilities as a coach are widely utilized up and down the West Coast, but he also offers training across the country by employing online programs.

Scott Keppel. Photo: Scott Keppel Website Scott Keppel. Photo: Scott Keppel Website

2. Mary-Marsha Riley

Mary-Marsha Riley is no stranger to our list of favorite personal trainers, nor is she a stranger to the competition stage. She is the former Mrs. Tennessee International 2011 who placed third runner-up at nationals and took home both the fitness and evening gown awards.

She doesn’t just help you with your fitness goals. Whatever your pageant needs, this talented lady can assist you. From stage presentation to paperwork and wardrobe selection, Riley will get you pageant ready in no time. Her dedicated clients value “how she makes each girl feel so good about herself and trains each individual on a personal basis.” (Read: The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence You MUST Know for Interview)

That sentiment is shared by yet another client who writes, “Mary-Marsha goes above and beyond for each of her clients. She provides a unique personalized workout to fit the individual's needs. Mary-Marsha is the best personal trainer who can motivate clients to not only work towards a better body but also a healthier lifestyle.”

Riley is also the official personal trainer for the Mrs., Miss and Teen International Pageants.

Mary-Marsha Riley. Photo: Mary-Marsha Riley Facebook Mary-Marsha Riley. Photo: Mary-Marsha Riley Facebook

1. John Morris

Once, again, the number one trainer as voted on by the readers of Pageant Planet is the incomparable John Anthony Morris, the Director of Health and Fitness at Styrkefit. Morris knows just about everything there is to know about pageantry and pageant fitness as he has not only worked with countless state and national pageant winners as a trainer, but he frequently serves as a pageant judge. (Read: The Top 10 Personal Trainers of 2016)

He is adored and revered by clients and colleagues alike for his integrity and commitment to excellence in all that he does. His passion for pageantry and female empowerment has left an indelible mark on the pageant world, and it is no surprise that he would occupy the first place spot on our list yet again.

John Morris. Photo: John Morris Facebook John Morris. Photo: John Morris Facebook

Thank you to all of our incredible readers who took the time to share their favorite personal trainers with us and congratulations to all of the fitness professionals who made our list. The pageant community is very fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable people to help us along on our fitness journeys.

If you are feeling like you need some extra support to achieve your fitness goals, contact one of the outstanding trainers on our list. If none of the trainers are in your area, then check out our Personal Trainers Directory and find someone who can help you. Pageant Planet understands all too well how challenging it can be to prepare for a pageant, and we want to do all that we can to support your goals. (Read: How to Set and Meet Your Pageant New Year's Resolutions)

We’re here to help make this your best year ever!


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