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3 Qualities You Need to Win a Pageant

27, August 2017

Pageant can have anywhere from two to over 200 girls all competing for one title. With so many girls, how can you make sure to stand out against from the crowd? When you are competing with so many girls in your division, what makes one contestant more qualified over another? The winner stands out from all the others because of her attitude, personality and confidence. Possess these three qualities and you will be walking into your pageant as the triple threat to beat.

International United Miss 2019 titleholders. Photo: International United Miss Instagram

3 Qualities You Need to Win a Pageant

1. A winning attitude

Go into pageant check-in with your attitude turned on. That does not mean that you must be “miss sassy pants,” but walk in with energy and a smile. A contestant’s energy and smile can be contagious to everyone around her.

However, this goes far beyond showing up with a good attitude. Every contestant will start the pageant ready and excited to compete, but it is the attitude that sticks with you throughout the week or weekend that is a tell-tale sign of a contestant ready to take on the title after the pageant is over. What is your attitude like when you go back to your hotel room and the spotlight if off? How do you speak to your parents and pageant team when something goes wrong and your stress level rises? If you have the attitude of a queen, it needs to shine through at all times, not just when you are on stage.

When the pageant is over, whether you win or lose, your attitude says it all. A winning attitude will congratulate the winner and be just as happy for her as if it were herself.

2. Your unique personality

You are the only one who has your personality, so let it shine through and be proud of all that you are and all that you have worked for! A contestant needs to be able to be herself on that stage, in the interview room, at rehearsals and everywhere in between. Remember that you have to feel comfortable in your own skin to be able to convince others that you are the right contestant. A contestant who is energetic, compassionate and entertaining will win over the judges' and audience’s hearts.

In short, don't be anyone but yourself. If you try to be the girl standing next to you, you will never win. Ever. Think about it: You can never be better at being someone else than they already are. So be yourself and embrace every part of you, and the judges will fall in love with your self-confidence and poise.

3. Confidence in yourself

Be proud of all that you do during pageant weekend. Whether it is during your interview, the onstage question or the evening wear competition. Remember that a confident contestant will make her point a lot stronger. That does not mean to be overconfident and you come off as conceited. While confidence can be very contagious, it can also be very deadly for a contestant. Too much confidence can make one come off as arrogant. Be confident in your walk across the stage. Be confident in your introduction and in your answers to an interview question. When you are confident, it makes the competition a lot less nerve wracking and the judges can also tell the difference between a confident contestant with energy and a nervous one just waiting to get out of there.

Confidence means loving your evening gown and interview attire and feeling like you are the most beautiful one in the room. Confidence does not mean comparing yourself to the other girls and wishing your gown was more like theirs. Remember to turn on that attitude, show your personality by being yourself and have confidence in all that you do. If you remember these three aspects during pageant week, you'll be one step closer to the crown.


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