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Miss USA & Teen USA 2013

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Miss USA & Teen USA
Date of Event: 16 Jun 2013 - 16 Jun 2013
Event Location: Zappos, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Miss USA & Teen USA 2013 Contestants


Staci Klinginsmith

Miss Kansas USA

Richelle Orr

Miss Iowa USA

Emily Hart

Miss Indiana USA

Amanda Wiley

Miss Colorado USA

Hannah Billingsley

Miss Arkansas USA

Kristen Girault

Miss Louisiana USA

Brianna Acosta

Miss Hawaii USA

Rachel Baiocco

Miss Delaware USA

Mabelynn Capeluj

Miss California USA

Jessica Frith

Miss District of Columbia USA

Michelle Aguirre

Miss Florida USA

Chelsea Caswell

Miss Nevada USA

Ali Clair

Miss Maine USA

Stacie Juris

Miss Illinois USA

Marissa Wickland

Miss Idaho USA

Pageant Information

Miss Teen USA 2013 Results

The Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant ended with Cassidy Wolf winning the title of Miss Teen USA 2013! Miss Teen USA 2013 took place at Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas on August 10, 2013.

Top 5 at the Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant were:

First Runner-Up - Tori Sizemore
Second Runner-Up - Haley Holloway
Third Runner-Up - Julia Martin
Fourth Runner-Up - Maggie McGill

Top 16 at the Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant were:

Lorin Holcombe
Abby Floyd
Samantha Neyland
Alyssa Klinzing
Bailey Hidalgo
Hannah Brewer
?Brenda Smith-Lezama
Christina Thompson
Nikki Orlando
Emily Suttle
Kate Redeker

Special Awards at Miss Teen USA 2013 were:

Jasmine Fuelberth won Miss Congeniality.
Graham Turner won Miss Photogenic.

Miss USA 2013 Results

Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether was on hand to crown her successor and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo was also there.  Olivia passed on the Miss USA crown earlier this year after winning Miss Universe.

The fifty-one contestants were quickly cut down to fifteen semifinalists for the swimsuit competition.  The semifinalists are picked after the preliminary competition, which is on Hulu if you're interested (you're welcome). 

The sixteen semifinalists were Miss Texas Alexandria Nugent, Miss Ohio Kristin Smith, Miss Louisiana Kristen Girault, Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney, Miss Pennsylvania Jessica Billings, Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, Miss Massachusetts Sarah Kidd, Miss California Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss North Carolina Ashley Love-Mills, Miss West Virginia Chelsea Welch, Miss Maryland Kasey Staniszewski, Miss Illinois Stacie Juris, Miss Nevada Chelsea Caswell, Miss Connecticut Erin Brady, and Miss Utah Marissa Powell.  The swimwear competition featured the Jonas Brothers singing some of their new music.

After swimwear, another six women were cut to bring it down to ten contestants still competing during the evening gown phase. Miss Connecticut Erin Brady wore a gold and white strapless gown. Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney wore a gold beaded, keyhole-neck gown. Miss Ohio Kristin Smith wore a yellow gown with silver accents and two slits. Miss Texas Alexandria Nugent also wore a red gown, with gold and silver beading around the waist. Miss Illinois Stacie Juris wore a navy beaded overlay gown. Miss Nevada Chelsea Caswell wore a black, fully beaded strapless gown. Miss Louisiana Kristen Girault wore a white gown with a gold- and silver-beaded waistline. Miss Utah Marissa Powell wore a white and silver striped gown with see-through panels. Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord wore a black mermaid gown. Miss North Carolina Ashley Love-Mills wore a white gown with a beaded top and shorts underneath.

And then it was down to five finalists to answer onstage questions.  The five finalists were Miss Utah Marissa Powell, Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney, Miss Illinois Stacie Juris, and Miss Connecticut Erin Brady. But the big surprise was that this year, Twitter votes saved one contestant, and the voters chose Miss Texas Alexandra Nugent! So there were six finalists to answer questions this year instead of the usual five finalists.

Then it was the moment that everyone was waiting for, which was obviously crowning. The fifth runner-up was Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney. The fourth runner-up was Miss Texas Alexandra Nugent. The third runner-up was Miss Utah Marissa Powell. The second runner-up was Miss Illinois Stacie Juris. The all-important first runner-up (as we all know, she takes over if Miss USA wins Miss Universe) was Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, making Miss Connecticut Erin Brady your new Miss USA 2013.

Miss Connecticut (now USA) is a 25-year-old graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a major in Finance.  She currently works as a financial accountant and she loves to cook.

And your new Miss USA 2013 is... Miss Connecticut Erin Brady!

Miss Connecticut (now USA) is a 25-year-old graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a major in Finance.  She currently works as a financial accountant and she loves to cook.

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