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Erin Brady


Miss Connecticut USA 2013 Erin Brady

Age: 27

Hair color: Brown
Eye color : Green
Title(s): Miss Connecticut USA 2013, Miss USA 2013
Major competition(s): Miss Connecticut USA 2012(1st Runner-Up)
Miss Connecticut USA 2013(Winner)
Miss USA 2013(Winner)
Miss Universe 2013(Top 10)
Spouse: Tony Capasso (2014-present)

Erin Joyce Brady (conceived November 5, 1987 in East Hampton) is an American model and excellence event titleholder who won Miss USA 2013. She then spoke to the United States at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia, on November 9. Brady is the first lady from the condition of Connecticut ever to be delegated Miss USA.

Brady moved on from Central Connecticut State University in 2010 with a degree in Finance and a minor in Criminal Justice. In 2014 she gave the location at CCSU's undergrad beginning. She is a Financial Accountant for Prudential Retirement in Hartford, Connecticut.

She has assisted with the Ferrari and Friends Concorso, which meets expectations intently with the Children's Medical Hospital and the "Make-A-Wish Foundation"; Susan G. Komen, Walk for The Cure and Habitat for Humanity as her foundations of decision. It is her objective to be a supporter for offspring of liquor addicts, a choice impacted by her own adolescence.

Brady wedded Tony Capasso on December 13, 2014. The couple were planned to wed on November 9, 2013, that day she contended in the Miss Universe exhibition in Moscow. As per the Miss USA tenets, Brady and Capasso needed to hold up until Brady had finished her year as the titleholder. Brady's lineage incorporates Armenian, Polish, German, and Irish roots.

Miss Connecticut (now USA) is a 25-year-old graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a major in Finance.  She currently works as a financial accountant and she loves to cook.

And your new Miss USA 2013 is... Miss Connecticut Erin Brady!

Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriweather was on hand to crown her successor and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo was also there.  Olivia passed on the Miss USA crown earlier this year after winning Miss Universe.

The fifty-one contestants were quickly cut down to fifteen semifinalists for the swimsuit competition.  The semifinalists are picked after the preliminary competition, which is on Hulu if you're interested (you're welcome).  The sixteen semifinalists were Miss Texas Alexandria Nugent, Miss Ohio Kristin Smith, Miss Louisiana Kristen Girault, Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney, Miss Pennsylvania Jessica Billings, Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, Miss Massachusetts Sarah Kidd, Miss California Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss North Carolina Ashley Love-Mills, Miss West Virginia Chelsea Welch, Miss Maryland Kasey Staniszewski, Miss Illinois Stacie Juris, Miss Nevada Chelsea Caswell, Miss Connecticut Erin Brady, and Miss Utah Marissa Powell.  The swimwear competition featured the Jonas Brothers singing some of their new music.

After swimwear, another six women were cut to bring it down to ten contestants still competing during the evening gown phase. Miss Connecticut Erin Brady wore a gold and white strapless gown. Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney wore a gold beaded, keyhole-neck gown. Miss Ohio Kristin Smith wore a red gown with complicated beading. Miss Texas Alexandria Nugent also wore a red gown, with gold and silver beading around the waist. Miss Illinois Stacie Juris wore a navy beaded overlay gown. Miss Nevada Chelsea Caswell wore a black, fully beaded gown. Miss Louisiana Kristen Girault wore a white gown with a gold- and silver-beaded waistline. Miss Utah Marissa Powell wore a white and silver striped gown with see-through cut outs. Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord wore a black mermaid gown. Miss North Carolina Ashley Love-Mills wore a white gown with a beaded top and shorts underneath.

And then it was down to five finalists to answer onstage questions.  The five finalists were Miss Utah Marissa Powell, Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney, Miss Illinois Stacie Juris, and Miss Connecticut Erin Brady. But the big surprise was that this year, Twitter votes saved one contestant, and the voters chose Miss Texas Alexandra Nugent!

Then it was the moment that everyone was waiting for, which was obviously crowning. The fifth runner-up was Miss South Carolina Megan Pickney. The fourth runner-up was Miss Texas Alexandra Nugent. The third runner-up was Miss Utah Marissa Powell. The second runner-up was Miss Illinois Stacie Juris. The all-important first runner-up (as we all know, she takes over if Miss USA wins Miss Universe) was Miss Alabama Mary-Margaret McCord, making Miss Connecticut Erin Brady your new Miss USA 2013.

Miss Connecticut (now USA) is a 25-year-old graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a major in Finance.  She currently works as a financial accountant and she loves to cook.

Kristi Capel Former Miss Missouri USA "Kristi Capel" is now a news anchor for FOX 8 Cleveland.

In this fast paced world of ever increasing technology, today’s journalists, writers and reporters are the chief purveyors of information that is distributed to the masses. As of late, we have seen news anchors and on air personalities receive public backlash over statements that they made to the public (i.e. Brian Williams, Bill ‘O Reilly, and Giuliana Rancic).

While we are all free to form our own opinions, we must remember that what we say holds a great deal of power and influence and that is especially true for those with the power of the pen, the microphone and keystrokes.

Recently, a former Miss Missouri USA (2006) ‘Kristi Capel’, made a controversial comment about Lady Gaga’s music after hearing her performance at the Oscars.

miss missouri, miss usa Kristi Capel, Miss Missouri USA 2006, posing at a MISS USA event.

“…It's hard to really hear her voice with all that jigaboo music that she does, or whatever you want to call it. Jigaboo,” she said on-air Monday morning, before laughing. She went on to say, “She has a gorgeous voice. I never knew. Nice” . She has since apologized, stating she “didn’t know what the word meant.”
Why is this important?
The term, “jigaboo”, is a 20th century offensive term for an African American person . It’s a word that is rarely heard in today’s society but still leaves a bitter taste in people’s mouths as it dredges up the painful truth about where our society once was.

As time passes, cultural understanding and tolerance have taken the place of other less desirable attributes. As stated before, it’s easy to make a statement without really thinking about the possible impact that it may have but it’s definitely worth the extra moment to pause before speaking.

As pageant contestants and citizens of the world sharing in this human experience, it’s imperative to understand who YOU are as an individual and be mature enough to respect another person’s opinions, culture and life experience. The more we foster a sense of love and understanding amongst each other, the better our world will be for the next generation.

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    November 5, 1987

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