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Ali Nugent


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  • Image Eye Color Green

Ali Nugent was Miss Texas USA 2013!

Miss Texas USA 2013, Ali Nugent, was a front runner in my mind at the Miss USA 2013 pageant. She was fiercely gorgeous, and so intelligent. I for one was AMAZED by her onstage question answers and was so glad that she was saved by the social media votes! She proved to be very deserving of that spot in the Top 6! So as you can tell, I really liked Ali. There is only ONE thing that I would have changed, and that was her evening gown. This opinion is simply because when she walked out all I could think was "HOLY RHINESTONES!!" Ali is such a beautiful girl and I was way too distracted by everything that was going on with the dress to notice her facial beauty and I think she could have gone with a very similar gown, but a little more simple.

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  • Texas, United States