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Miss America 2005

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Miss America
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Miss America 2005 Contestants


Kirstin Elrod


Lacy Fleming


Veena Goel

Pageant Information

Miss America 2005, Alabama - Deidre Downs
1st runner-up, Louisiana - Jennifer Dupont
2nd runner-up, North Carolina - Kirstin Elrod
3rd runner-up, Arkansas - Lacy Fleming
4th runner-up, California - Veena Goel

The Top 10 in the Miss America 2005 pageant were:
Georgia - Danica Tisdale
Kansas - Megan Bushell
New York - Christina Ellington
Oklahoma - Elizabeth Kinney
Texas - Jamie Story

Final Night Casual Wear Award: Jennifer Dupont

Final Night Swimsuit Award: Jennifer Dupont

Final Night Evening Wear Award: Deidre Downs

Lifestyle and Fitness Preliminary Awards:
Florida - Jenna Edwards
Louisiana - Jennifer Dupont
Utah - Amy Davis

Talent Preliminary Awards:
California - Veena Goel
Georgia - Danica Tisdale
Massachusetts - Erika Ebbel

Quality of Life Award:
Winner: Alabama - Deidre Downs
1st Runner-Up: Idaho - Elizabeth Barchas
2nd Runner-Up: Nevada - Elizabeth Muto

Miss Congeniality: Hawaii - Olena Rubin

Bernie Wayne Scholarship for the Performing Arts: Maine - Ami Vice

Leonard C. Horn for Legal Studies: Idaho - Elizabeth Barchas

Non-Finalist Awards Interview:
Idaho - Elizabeth Barchas
Kentucky - Maria Maldonado
Nevada - Elizabeth Muto
New Hampshire - Alyssa Spellman
New Mexico - Susan Yara

Non-Finalist Awards Talent:
Indiana - Sarah Wiley
Iowa - Carolyn Nicholas
Maine - Ami Vice
Massachusetts - Erika Ebbel
Missouri - Whitney Weeks
New Jersey - Erica Scanlon
Ohio - Amanda Beagle
Tennessee - Ashley Eicher

Final night judges were Niki Taylor, Kellye Cash, Jennifer Hanson, Phil Maloof, Barry Phillips, John Weidman, and Lawrence Hamilton.

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