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When choosing the right accessories to wear the next time you take the pageant stage, you'll want to be thoughtful about which pageant jewelry you select. Winning pageant girls know it is important to avoid picking pageant jewelry that can distract the judges from what is most important – you!

For example, during the swimsuit segment of a beauty pageant, a pair of earrings and nude heels are all you'll need. Even in your interview with the judges, the urge to over-accessorize will be strong, but resisting is essential. Every hair accessory, bracelet, and ring you wear will draw attention away from you. But, of course, making appearances or participating in photo shoots is another story. That's where you can let loose and accessorize to the max!

From pageant earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to sash magnets and pendants, Pageant Planet has all the jewelry and pageant accessories you could ever need.