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Serena Zamarripa


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Serena Zamarripa is Miss Teen of America 2017!

Siblings names and ages:
I have a 15 year old brother named Noah, and he is my best friend in the entire world. I always force him to sing show tunes with me in the car.

School attending (name of college):
I attend University of Texas at Austin and am majoring in computer science. We are ranked the 6th best computer science program in the world!

Current activities at college:
I am involved in the University Theatre Guild, Women in Computer Science, and the Nell Dale Mentorship Program.

Why did you choose to go into law:
I want to go to law school after graduating with my degree in computer science because I have interned at the Chau Law Firm for two years, and have loved every second of it. I eventually want to become a corporate attorney and work in intellectual property law or something similar to tie in my computer science background.

Favorite appearance as Miss Teen of Texas:
Back in September, I had the opportunity to volunteer with a local special needs pageant, and fell in love the sweet contestants, especially my buddy, Emma. I absolutely loved helping the girls choose their dresses and outfits and helping them get dolled up for the evening. Everyone was so excited!

Favorite part of the national pageant:
My favorite part was definitely meeting all of the contestants from across the nation. My roommates and I got incredibly close in just the few days we stayed together, and we would always stay up late talking, laughing and eating our stash of leftovers, candy, and granola bars. I love all the girls so much.

What are you most looking forward to as Miss Teen of America:
I am most excited for all of the traveling and Special Olympics events in my future!

Any memories with Special Olympics?
I really loved bowling with the athletes at the Mall of America! I'm a terrible bowler (I think my score was somewhere in the 30's), but the athletes were teaching me their secret tips and tricks. We had so much fun.

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