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Savannah Wix


  • Image Hair Color Blonde
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Taurus
  • Image Height 5ft 10inch

In early 2019 Savannah Wix won the title of Miss Arizona USA 2019, guaranteeing herself a placement at the Miss USA pageant. This was not Savannah's first time on the state USA stage or the first time with a state USA crown. In 2014 Savannah won the title of Miss Arizona Teen USA. Savannah went on to compete at Miss Teen USA where she placed in the top 15, breaking a five-year streak of Arizona not placing at nationals.

During her Miss Arizona Teen USA reign, she was a freshman at Pepperdine University majoring in Public Relations. She will graduate with her major in 2018!

During an interview after the Miss Teen USA pageant, she wished that she had smiled more on stage, stating that would be the pnce thing she would change.

Savannah's platform, a charity she founded after her Arizona Teen USA region, HeartStrings Charity assists children in overcoming personal adversity by expressing themselves through music and the arts. Through her charity, she has worked with children suffering from disability, illness and abuse.

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    April 24, 1997

  • Arizona, United States


Vocal, guitar and piano performer

Pageant Platform

HeartStrings Charity

What is the Occupation of Savannah Wix

Founder of HeartStrings Charity

Which School Did Savannah Wix Attend?

Pepperdine University

FUN FACTS about Savannah Wix

She belongs to Broadway Artists' Alliance, has performed in Carnegie Hall with a national honor choir, and sang the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants game in front of almost 10,000 people! In addition, she has taught herself how to play guitar and piano.