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Sarah Tubbs


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In 2014, Sarah Tubbs won Miss Kingston and the opportunity to compete for Miss New Hampshire 2015. At the Miss New Hampshire 2015 state pageant, Tubbs was ultimately announced 1st Runner-up. This placement allowed her the opportunity to represent New Hampshire in the National Sweetheart 2015 pageant.

In 2016, she returned once again to the Miss New Hampshire stage after winning Miss Exeter 2016.

In 2017, she competed for Miss New Hampshire 2017, ultimately placing 1st Runner-up.

In 2018, she won Miss Greater Derry 2018 and the opportunity to compete once again for the title of Miss New Hampshire. At the Miss New Hampshire 2018 pageant, she placed as the 1st Runner-up.

In 2019, Tubbs won Miss Stratham 2019 for one final go at the Miss New Hampshire 2019 title. In her last attempt on April 27, 2019, Sarah Tubbs became Miss New Hampshire 2019 and won the opportunity to represent New Hampshire at Miss America 2020.

“Every year that I haven’t won Miss New Hampshire, I decided to take it upon myself to do the things I would do as Miss New Hampshire anyways. So, I’ve been practicing being Miss New Hampshire for all the times I was first runner-up for three years. That’s what made me prepared,” Tubbs said in an interview after Miss New Hampshire 2019.

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  • New Hampshire, United States


Lyrical Dance- "There You'll Be"

Pageant Platform

Choose One: Revolutionize The World

What is the Occupation of Sarah Tubbs

CEO of Choose Love International

Which School Did Sarah Tubbs Attend?

University of New Hampshire

FUN FACTS about Sarah Tubbs

She graduated from the Honors Program at the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration: Marketing and Business Administration: Management. Sarah was on the dance team for UNH. Tubbs placed 1st Runner-up three times before finally winning the title.