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Sam Sing


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Sam is a fierce magnetic force to be reckoned with! She likes to strike people with her energy! She has irrevocable unwavering faith in Jesus! She is the epitome of a powerful, confident, intelligent, successful, eloquent and sophisticated young woman. Her contagious laugh, witty sense of humour and extroverted personality illuminates every room she enters.

Sam is a 23 year old businesswoman, philanthropist, environmentalist and animal rights activist. She was raised in Cambridge, Ontario and this South American born is an ethnic infusion of part Guyanese and Dutch. Her family migrated to Canada when she was two years old and received her citizenship subsequently. Sam feels that as a minority she is the sum of Canada’s welcoming diversity and hopes to be a symbol of endless possibilities.

Sam has always had an avid love for business and established her first corporation at the age of 20 years old. She grew up with a single mother in low income housing and accounts her turbulent upbringing that has instilled in her a relentless drive to excel. She currently owns a marketing company and is a serial entrepreneur. She invests in real estate, forex and crypto currency. Only in her early 20’s and she already owns a few properties under her belt. This little lady loves investing!

Sam is deeply passionate about philanthropy work. If there is one fact she would want anyone to know about her it would be that she loves Jesus! She is an audaciously faith filled woman of God who has a genuine heart postured to serve. She loves to encourage and pour into others, make them smile and laugh! A few times a year Sam leads missions trips with her church and volunteers in third world countries in extreme poverty. At that time they aid to serve the local community and orphanages in the vicinity with sufficient relief, build schools and teach English. She is also involved at home in local outreach programs in Waterloo Region and the GTA. Sam has travelled to near 20 countries now and it has taught her to view the world through an opulent lens of empathy. She is always fascinated at the immense need for provision in a world that is the wealthiest it has ever been. One thing she is frequently reminded of is the volume of blessings people take for granted. Sam feels many countries may have a surplus of finances however they are in an emotional famine. Being able to witness what depletion looks like has been one of the most humbling experiences she has had and has inspired her to cultivate a solution. Sam is currently in the process of launching her first non profit organization catered towards international humanitarian efforts. They will be known for:

1. Ministry Efforts – Building sustainable living environments for orphans while sharing Jesus’ love.

2. Environmentalism – Implementing knowledge to the essential demand for urgent climate change.

3. Animal Rights Activism – Being a voice to the voiceless and infiltrate vast awareness regarding the unnecessary cruelty animals endure for human consumption and pleasure.

Winning the title of Miss Universe Canada 2019 would enable Sam to harness the resources and platform to establish her non profit on a global scale. She fearlessly looks forward to being an ambassador for Canada at the Miss Universe event.

Sam has been modelling professionally since her childhood. When she is not occupied with photo shoots Sam loves to cook. She is a self proclaimed master chef who cooks and bakes all her decadent meals from scratch. Sam would love to host a cooking show on Food Network someday! Sam has a pure charm for pranking her family and friends and will capitalize on every opportunity she has to hide and scare others and she is remarkably gifted at her jarring abilities. Sam was always a rambunctious little girl and channeled her exuberant spirit into dancing, lots of dancing, playing soccer and ice skating. For fun Sam enjoys, travelling, reading, working on personal development, deep house music, yoga, fireworks, sunsets and being outdoors surrounded by nature. She is immensely spontaneous and perpetually intrigued by adventure!

Sam hopes to invigorate others and generations to come that anything is possible if you have faith in yourself, focus and preserve. One of Sam’s favourite quotes is “No one is you and that is your power – Dave Grohl.” Her commitment is to continually evolve, become the best version of herself and contribute to orchestrating the world to be a better place. She is confident with or without a crown she will certainly achieve her goals. Sam will build and empire and be a global philanthropic catalyst.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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