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Rosalie Mercier


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Height: 4’11
Hometown: Québec, QC
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Occupation: Director of Business Development

Rosalie Mercier is passionate about social relationships, international development, and local involvement. Raised in Quebec City, she always has been close to her parents and brother Jeremy. Their unconditional support gives her the confidence to follow her multiple passions and push the boundaries of her limits. Her background allowed her to recognize the importance of education and she hopes to inspire young people to follow their hearts and develop their intellectual curiosity.

It is what she has precisely done for herself. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in International Business Management at Laval University with African markets’ courses at Em Lyon. Today, she works as a Director of Business Development for Dimension Composite. Rosalie is passionate about her field of studies, and she believes that education helps to solve global world issues. Since she is people-oriented and loves studying, she decided to combine her full-time employment with part-time studies in psychology. She also aims to do a Master’s in theology and an MBA in an internationally renowned business school. According to Rosalie, learning is also an inner work, and it is the reason why she hosts conferences in high schools pertaining to self-knowledge, growth and listening to one’s inner self. At her high school graduation, acting as her schools’ president student council she gave a speech to her peers where she talked about the strong ties built throughout the years.

In 2016, she represented Quebec’s Winter Carnival as one of the Duchesses. This allowed her to experience her first trade mission in Paris where she gave a conference in Les Galeries Lafayette with her peers. Meeting politicians, entrepreneurs, media, and people from other cultures was very rewarding. She loved the experience so much that she applied for the Trade Missions program at Laval University where she participated in a three weeks trade mission with Poland to represent a Quebec based company. She received a scholarship at the end of this program and was recognized as Ms. Mission by her peers.

Even though she loves conducting business, doing humanitarian work for local communities and foreign countries showed her the impact she can have on people. Meeting small communities from Honduras and Morocco where access to medical care is limited, drinking water is scarce and education is not for all, was heart-breaking. She became increasingly of social, environmental, and health issues linked to a lack of knowledge in certain communities worldwide. She believes there is always a way of making lemonade out of lemons, with this mantra she aims to become a globally renowned spiritual leader. She would love to inspire people, and businesses to be more conscious and recognize their social responsibility.

Though pageantry has been new for Rosalie, she believes in her capacity to accept challenges, mobilize the best people around her, and to surpass herself.

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  • Quebec, Canada

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Laval University

What is the Occupation of Rosalie Mercier

Director of Business Development