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Rolene Strauss


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Rolene Strauss Bio

Rolene Strauss is Miss World 2014! Rolene has also competed in and won Miss World South Africa 2014. She had her choice to compete in either Miss Universe or Miss World as all winners of Miss South Africa do. Though her first choice was to compete in Miss Universe, Miss World made the announcement of their pageant date and location first therefore she decided to compete in Miss World.

This decision placed her in Miss World history.

Rolene sitting on her throne. Rolene Strauss sitting on her throne as Miss World 2014.

Standing at a statuesque 5’9” with brown hair and piercing blue/green eyes, Rolene Strauss is every bit of a stunning beauty which undoubtedly helped to secure her title as Miss World 2014. Beneath her aesthetically pleasing exterior, however, shines the type of beauty that radiates through the skin and illuminates the face: the beauty of a good heart. The combination of inner and outer beauty is truly something that all pageant contestants possess and continue to strive for.

Recently, while visiting in Sri Lanka, Rolene sat down to discuss how much she truly believes in beauty with a purpose and that “people make a country great”

“…As soon as I arrived in the airport the people were so excited to see you. They gave flowers…at the end of the day, a country is made by its people…people make the visitors want to come back. So, I would say that Sri Lanka cares”
Why is this important?
The Miss World Organization prides itself on its seamless connection between beauty and charity. Its contestants have raised thousands of dollars and worked hundreds of hours to support the official Beauty With a Purpose charity as well as local charities within the communities of each contestant. {Source: www.missworld.com}

Even though the “Beauty With a Purpose” slogan may not be the same as other major international competitions, the sentiment is shared amongst us all and that is the notion that it takes more than just exterior beauty, it takes a beautiful heart as well.

“…if you meet someone, they would rather become more or less beautiful…first impression is important. But the heart comes out …the beauty flows outwards. Beauty fades and it’s about your heart and how you influence peoples’ lives and how you make a change. So we live with the saying – beauty with a purpose”

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