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Renee Namakau Ombaba


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Libra
  • Image Height 5ft 8inch
  • Image Weight 175lbs

Renee Namakau Ombaba was raised in Jackson, Mississippi and moved to Virginia to complete her education at Howard University. Born to a Zambian and Kenyan family, she learned the value of strong female leadership in home and community at a young age. Her grandmother’s and aunt’s devotion to women’s suffrage and political advancement in Zambia sparked her interest in women’s empowerment. She spent her high school and collegiate career dedicated to social justice and music with a particular interest in women’s empowerment in the male-dominated field. She continues this passion with her platform Black Women in Opera.

Renee Namakau competed for Miss Northwest 2004, Miss Black and Gold 2010, and Miss Jackson State University 2011. She won the title of Miss Choir at Jackson State University in 2011. In 2019, she captured the title of Modern American Miss of Virginia.

Modern American Miss of Virginia has given Renee Namakau the opportunity to not only showcase her beauty, style, and grace but to most importantly uplift and encourage female opera singers who are further marginalized by their race. After founding the successful social media platform “Black Women in Opera” (BWIO), Renee Namakau wanted to expand the benefits of the intergenerational meetings of women. With her title as Modern American Miss of Virginia, BWIO gives women space to encourage each other and plan and implement community projects.

Renee Namakau recently earned third place in The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc’s Local Competition in Washington, D.C. She also studies Level Three Improvwith the Washington Improv Theater where she is expanding her abilities as a performer. Under the supervision of Kelvin Page, Renee Namakau soars as a vocalist and continues to fine tune her talents in classical voice. Renee Namakau works for Hales Government Solutions as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Operations while earning her PhD in African Studies. She hopes to work in the next Emmy Award winning series or in any feature opposite Viola Davis.

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    October 6, 1989

  • Virginia, United States


Opera Singer

Pageant Platform

My initiative “Black Women in Opera” (BWIO) highlights the past and present achievements of these Black women opera singers while building healthy and meaningful relationships among its members. I started BWIO in February of 2019 to give history of unknown female Black opera singers and uplift current Black opera giants. After completing my degree in Vocal Performance, I felt so inadequate, I quit studying music. BWIO is created to be the place I needed as young singer. Often, in the male-dominated field of music, women are marginalized by their gender. This is marginalization is intensified by the race of Black women, which add stress and discouragement to very difficult field. BWIO serves women and communities by opening the door for new possibilities and exposing black women to more opportunities in the field of opera. It helps young women understand they are appreciated by their peers and Opera lovers alike. Over the last five months, the social media platform has reached over 1,000 participants of all races and gender expression. Not only does "Black Women in Opera" help its target group, but it exposes the outside to new and talented voices that would otherwise be silenced. A strong Opera community cannot exist without strong women, and this strength is cultivated through the encouragement, empowerment and elevation of the role of “Black Women in Opera.”

What is the Occupation of Renee Namakau Ombaba

Classical Vocalist / Improv Comedienne

Which School Did Renee Namakau Ombaba Attend?

Jackson State University; University of Mississippi; Howard University

Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants to continue the tradition of well-rounded women using their platform to make a positive social impact and be an uplifting role model.

FUN FACTS about Renee Namakau Ombaba

Comedy Improv Student, Opera Singer, Zambian and Kenyan, Visited 12 countries, Love to read books

What is the Nationality of Renee Namakau Ombaba