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Mikayla Holmgren


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Mikayla Homgren will be the first woman with Down Syndrome to compete for a USA title! She also held the title of Minnesota Amazing Jr Miss 2015!

As we're gearing up for the national Miss USA competition coming up in a few weeks, there is history being made at one of the state preliminary competitions this year. Mikayla Holmgren is making history as the first contestant with Down Syndrome to compete for Miss Minnesota USA.

About Mikayla Holmgren

Mikayla is no stranger to the stage. Aside from being a dancer and choreographer, Mikayla has been involved in pageantry for a few years. She's held the Miss Minnesota Amazing title and then went on to represent the state at the national Miss Amazing pageant in Los Angeles in 2015.

Photo Credit: rubysrainbow.org Photo Credit: rubysrainbow.org

She's gone back to the Miss Amazing pageant system to help the contestants and be a role model for young women like her. Her mother defines her as a go-getter and said that Mikayla has achieved more than she ever could have dreamed for her baby girl.

Mikayla was born 6 weeks early with Down Syndrome and without an esophagus. Her parents never let her disability limit her and encouraged her to work towards whatever she wanted to achieve.

Like any other pageant girl, she's preparing for the competition by working out, practicing in heels and getting ready for interview. She's hoping to convey her love of dance and passion for the industry in her personal interview with the judges.

What this means for the industry

Mikayla's participation in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant is just one more way we are seeing the industry become more diverse. In last year's Miss Minnesota USA competition, we saw the first contestant to where a hijab and a burkini to compete. Denise Wallace, the co-executive director of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, likes that girls that are a part of minority groups are starting to be empowered by role models who look like them. (Read: Halima Aden Models at Yeezy Sesaons 5 Wearing Her Hijab Trademark)

We've started to see recent trends towards diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, modeling industry and pageantry. We're hoping this is another step forward to a more inclusive planet of pageantry. Way to go, Mikayla!

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