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Mary Katherine Campbell


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December 18, 1905 – June 7, 1990

Mary Katherine Campbell was the only person to win the Miss America pageant twice, and the second woman in history to win the title. Campbell was Miss America 1922 and Miss America 1923, and she was also 1st Runner Up at the 1924 Miss America Pageant. Competing as "Miss Columbus."

Mary Katherine was the first pageant winner to attend college.

Campbell was only sixteen years old at the time of her first crowning in 1922. She lied about her age by nearly one year to enter the pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She said that she was born in May 1905 but later admitted that she had lied about her age. After the 1924 pageant, in which the judge's scores revealed that Campbell had almost won the title a third time, the Miss America Organization changed the rules so that "a contestant may only win the Miss America title once."

Joseph Cummings Chase, one of the judges said, "Miss Campbell is possessed of great vivacity and an inherent shyness that constitute a wonderful combination. She is typically American and altogether an ideal type. Her forebearers for ten generations have been American born."

Mary Katherine Campbell graduated from Ohio State University with an Arts degree. She also attended Ohio Wesleyan University. She was a member of Pi Beta Phi's Ohio Beta chapter at Ohio State University.

She was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware, next to her late husband.

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    December 18, 1905

  • Ohio, United States

What is the Occupation of Mary Katherine Campbell

Executive at DuPont

Which School Did Mary Katherine Campbell Attend?

Ohio State University & Ohio Wesleyan

FUN FACTS about Mary Katherine Campbell

Was the only person to win the Miss America pageant twice and the second woman in history to win the title. received offers from three movies, two Broadway musicals ,and a circus. Asked to perform with the famous Ziegfeld Follies chorus girls, but her mother wouldn't permit it.