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Madeline Delp


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Madeline Delp learned at a young age that sometimes almost losing your life can be the catalyst to truly finding it in a way you never had before. After miraculously surviving a car accident that left her crushed in the back of a car and comatose for several weeks, she woke up to find that she had been paralyzed from the waist down. Madeline soon realized that the physical bounds she faced were small in comparison to the emotional repercussions of paralyzing fear and doubt.

After a multi-continental journey of fear-chasing, Madeline learned that she could refuse to be the victim of her circumstance. that by mastering the mind, one can profoundly reclaim control of their life. Her journey included being the first paraplegic girl to BASE jump in the US, rock climb the cliffs of Mt. Rushmore and drive cross country alone on a national tour. 

Madeline launched her career as a public figure after winning the national competition, Ms. Wheelchair USA. Spending the year traveling and speaking across the United States, she established her reputation as a deeply-moving and inspirational keynote speaker and has been hired for major events, such as conferences at the North Carolina Governor's mansion and the US Senate. Madeline has also partnered with Los Angeles production teams to create film series that complement her keynote message of overcoming and living bold adventures. 

Madeline's ultimate goal is to give back to the world around her, not only by inspiring people to chase boundless dreams, but by also giving them the resources to do so. In 2017, she founded Live Boundless in order to give people hope that they could overcome their physical challenges. The organization helps to deliver wheelchairs to medically-underserved countries. It is her passion to grow the organization to help millions of people around the world, and with a "roll-model" like Madeline at the helm, we know she's bound to succeed!

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  • North Carolina, United States

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