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Kristi Capel


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former Miss Missouri USA (2006) ‘Kristi Capel’, made a controversial comment about Lady Gaga’s music after hearing her performance at the Oscars.

“…It's hard to really hear her voice with all that jigaboo music that she does, or whatever you want to call it. Jigaboo,” she said on-air Monday morning, before laughing. She went on to say, “She has a gorgeous voice. I never knew. Nice” .

She has since apologized, stating she “didn’t know what the word meant.” Why is this important? The term, “jigaboo”, is a 20th century offensive term for an African American person .

It’s a word that is rarely heard in today’s society but still leaves a bitter taste in people’s mouths as it dredges up the painful truth about where our society once was. As time passes, cultural understanding and tolerance have taken the place of other less desirable attributes. As stated before, it’s easy to make a statement without really thinking about the possible impact that it may have but it’s definitely worth the extra moment to pause before speaking. As pageant contestants and citizens of the world sharing in this human experience, it’s imperative to understand who YOU are as an individual and be mature enough to respect another person’s opinions, culture and life experience. The more we foster a sense of love and understanding amongst each other, the better our world will be for the next generation.

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  • Missouri, United States

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