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Kendra Conway


  • Image Hair Color Blonde
  • Image Eye Color Green
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Image Height 5ft 2inch
  • Image Weight 174lbs

Hello, My name is Kendra Conway from Helena, Montana.
I maybe average looking in my opinion. However, there is much more to me than that one opinion... I am a big supporter of mental illness and I want to remove the stigma about it. I want to help those in rural communities get the assistants that everyone deserves. I do love reading all different types of books and if the book was made into a movie then I will watch the movie version. I live in a very beautiful mountain state and love to go for long walks through the woods with my English Mastiff Dublin. My husband and I love to spend time together even if it means doing school work or going to see the family.

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    April 17, 1993

  • Montana, United States

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being modivational

Pageant Platform

Adolesent Mental Health Care (Shodair)

What is the Occupation of Kendra Conway

I am currently working as a Mental Health Technician at Shodair Children's hospital. Shodiar is adolescent mental health care, in Helena, Montana.

Which School Did Kendra Conway Attend?

Helena College

Why start competing in pageants

I want to be a role model for young women and men who are struggling with mental or health issues to never give up and shine themselves. I want to show the world how creat Montana is and can be.

What is the Nationality of Kendra Conway