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Kelley Johnson


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Kelley Johnson was Miss Colorado 2015 and is currently Miss California USA 2018.

Kelley generated a lot of buzz at Miss America 2016, when she finished as 2nd runner-up and received a STEM scholarship.

Kelley Johnson has taught all pageant contestants two things: it pays to be yourself and a buzzworthy answer can get you some excellent PR. Not only did she walk away with the second runner-up scholarship, but she also snagged appearances on Ellen and Dr. Oz (and Ellen gave her an additional $10,000 in scholarship money).  

For talent, Miss Colorado took a risk doing a monologue. An even bigger risk is that the monologue was not pulled from a play or script, but rather was a speech written by her. She talked about her career as a nurse and how she has served her patients.

After hosts on The View criticized her talent on television, the backlash from the nursing community was fierce. This led to the show hosts apologizing for their comments, but it also prompted an invitation for Kelley to visit the Dr. Oz show. Overnight, Miss Colorado became a spokeswoman for nurses all over the country, and she is delivering her message beautifully and eloquently.

Kelley's talent and onstage question were both outside the box. She was asked which woman she would put on the $10 bill and replied Ellen DeGeneres because she is kind and funny without being offensive.

Ellen does practice and preach about tolerance and her sense of humor is appreciated by many people. That answer, as expected, catapulted her right to Ellen's show, where Kelley spoke honestly about why she chose the talent that she did.

Kelley was crowned Miss California USA 2018 and placed in the top 10 at Miss USA. She got engaged to longtime boyfriend Matt Gute on Janaury 1, 2018.

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    October 22, 1992

  • California, United States



Pageant Platform

Health Initiative PLUS

What is the Occupation of Kelley Johnson

Kelley is a nursing ambassador and spokeswoman.

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