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Karema Batotele


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Karema Batotele is an Engagement and Communication Officer working for the federal government of Canada. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a period of war that killed over 60 000 people. Karema understands what it means to be a child and to have no control over the things that are happening around you, especially in the midst of violence. Miss Batotele wants to work with children in order to transform this generation and the ones to come through education in hopes that the future generations will not repeat the atrocities of violence, whether that is violence against those who are different or even violence against themselves.

Her passion for children’s education lead her to create her Own Organisation. Karema Batotele is the Founder and CEO of Education Beyond Limitation (EBL), a Canadian based organization that helps children around who come from low income families have easier access to their education. Her Organisation travels to third world countries and provides a range of support such as, school supplies, classroom renovations, furniture and much more. Karema’s organisation helped over 200 children in the world in school supplies. Her passion for the education of the youth is also reflected in the art of writing. She is also the Author of Limitless, a children’s book that aims to inspires and educate children, promoting self-identity and self-esteem, reminding children that they are limitless and can accomplish anything, regardless of their race, gender or culture.

Karema’s dedication and efforts have been recognised by the Former Governor General of Canada David Johnston, Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson as well as Ottawa’s Deputy Mona Fortier. Karema has also been cited by Radio-Canada as a role model for the youth.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Karema Batotele

Engagement and Communication Officer