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Jesus Camarena


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Taurus
  • Image Height 5ft 11inch
  • Image Weight 190lbs

I was born in Orange County California descending of Mexican Mother and Father. Before turning 1 year old we moved to Michoacan, Mexico. I grew up in a home full of love, next to Mom, Dad, sister (eldest) and my older brother. We were though values, principles, respect and that everything comes through education. At the age of thirteen, we moved to Atlanta, GA where I did middle school and high school. Currently, I live in Los Angeles, California, pursuing my other pasión for the arts. I am studying to become the greatest Architect and Interior designer.
I consider myself a cheerful, charismatic, polite and respectful man. I don't drink nor smoke, I love working out, reading motivational books, dancing, etc. I do modeling, acting and dancing as a part time job.
I have done a few things within the industry. Back in 2015 I was honored to represented the USA at an international pageant in Miami. Placing 3rd runner up and winning the athletic award. I have been in a couple of modeling campaigns and done theater as well.

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    April 24, 1990

  • California, United States

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Pageant Platform

Embrace who you are

What is the Occupation of Jesus Camarena

I currently do choreography, Uber and gigs such as modeling, acting and dancing.

Which School Did Jesus Camarena Attend?

Fullerton College

Why start competing in pageants

I want to empower everyone to reach or at least to tried to reach their fullest capacity. Everyone’s it’s capable of doing what they really want, the key is to try. Having a platform or contributing to a platform, will give the world another perception of what pageants are really for. They are more than just a beauty contest. I want people to see that pagents are not just about a physique and a cute face, it is about embracing who you are and confidently showing that to the world so other people can connect with you and freely embrace and love who they are.

FUN FACTS about Jesus Camarena

When I was little boy I wanted to be a clown to make people laugh. But when I saw the movie “IT” I realized that clowns were NOT fun after all. Also I don’t drink nor smoke either. I never had.

What is the Nationality of Jesus Camarena