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Jessi Stringer


  • Image Hair Color Blonde
  • Image Eye Color Green
  • Image Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Image Height 5ft 7inch
  • Image Weight 130lbs

As an Intersectional environmentalist and architectural associate with a masters in Urban Design, it is clear that my heart lies in the realm of bettering the built, natural, and social environments of communities. Since receiving my accredited professional degree in Architecture from the University of Oklahoma, I have dedicated more than 1000 hours to working with low-income communities in my city. As an Urban designer, it is my goal to be the method of communication between broken, stagnant, or upcoming communities and various government agencies. I strive to educate the public on greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyles as well as exposing people to healthy place-making tactics while actively communicating with politics who can further assist these communities. As an Architectural associate, I educate my clients on the importance of LEED buildings and revitalizing the world’s urban footprint . It is no secret that buildings contribute a dangerous amount to the green house gasses being released into our atmosphere. But as a designer, I take the opportunity I educate developers on these important facts and encourage them to take action. As Miss Earth USA, I can educate many more developers, communities, schools, and cities outside of my state. I want to educate hundreds of cities on the importance of revitalizing the built environment we already have and encouraging the implementation of LEED certification standards in city policies. Miss Earth is an amazing platform for encouraging smart, green design into city and state design standards, and I believe with this title I can make that change not just in our nation, but nations all over our beautiful planet.

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    February 20, 1993

  • California, United States

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Public Speaker

Pageant Platform

Oklahomans for Earth

What is the Occupation of Jessi Stringer

Architectural Designer Urban Designer Intersectional environmentalist

Which School Did Jessi Stringer Attend?

University of Oklahoma

Why start competing in pageants

I don’t “compete in pageants.” I am competing in THIS specific pageant because I have always and will always care very deeply about the future of the earth above all else. I’ve dreamt of becoming Miss Earth USA for 10 years. I knew I was not experienced enough nor had I learned enough about my potential role as Miss Earth USA to confidently walk onto that national stage and state that I was READY to hold the national title. But 9 years and 2 degrees later, I am prepared and eager to change the world.

FUN FACTS about Jessi Stringer

Model, Actress, Activist, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Choreographer, Historic preservationist, vegan, and lover of ALL animals

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