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Jennifer Shields-Gareis


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My name is Jennifer Shields-Gareis. I am a 39-year-old mother of five beautiful children. Three sons, ages 20, 19, and 8 and two daughters ages 17 and 11. I have owned and operated my own floral businesses, Heavenly Flowers and Village Flowers & Gifts in Lodi, California since 2005. I have gained numerous levels of floristry certification and am currently attending classes to continue my education and hopefully gain floristry accreditation for both CFD and AIFD. I am a supporter of skill certification careers and encourage those interested not only to pursue them, but also to always seek further education in their fields and continue to grow in their careers and be successful. I am an animal lover who pushes for shelter adoptions when I meet people looking to add a fur baby to their family. Together, with my daughters who are both title holders in the California United America Pageant, along with my fiancé and sons, I help raise funds and supplies for shelters and programs to help offset spay and neuter fees required when adopting a shelter pet. I have been involved in many community service events and have encouraged my children to join me when possible. Its important to me that they are appreciative of all that they have been provided with and gifted, and in turn give of themselves whenever they can. My goal is to raise them to always be aware of the world around them and help where they can to spread positivity. I was crowned Ms. United America 2019 this past June in what was my first ever pageant to compete in. I had the honor of sharing the stage with so many qualified women whom I have kept in contact with and watched as they have done amazing things for their communities. Pageants like ours, the United America Pageant, and others like it give us that outlet. I encourage other women I meet to consider entering pageants and remind them that yes, they are enough! I have spent my time as Ms. United America attending various events, both helping spread awareness of those causes and learning more about them myself. Again, I’ve always got at least one of my daughters with me, sharing that opportunity. I don’t want to ever take this crown for granted. I understand fully that it came with responsibilities and expectations. I want to seek out every opportunity to continue and share the blessings I have received. I am headed back to Seguin, Texas this coming June in hopes to bring home the title of Ms. United America Royal. No matter the outcome though, the crown will always be an accessory that, though I do cherish it and love wearing it, is still an accessory. I will continue to be involved in as much community effort as I can and always walk in purpose towards a better and positive tomorrow.

In 2019, Jennifer Shields-Gareis competed at the California United America 2020 pageant as Ms. United America for the opportunity to represent the California United America 2020 pageant.

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  • California, United States

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