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Jennifer Davis


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Jennifer Davis was Miss Missouri 2017 and placed first runner-up at Miss America. Jennifer's talent was a Bollywood Dance.

Personal life
Davis got engaged to then-boyfriend, Jordan Ullom, on stage at the Miss Missouri 2018 pageant when she was giving up her crown. They will be married on October 26, 2019.

Davis comments on Miss America 2018 letter

On August 16, Miss America 2018 Cara Mund published a letter detailing her mistreatment at the hands of the Miss America Organization leadership throughout her reign. On August 22, Davis spoke up on behalf of Mund.

"Almost a year ago, 51 women arrived in Atlantic City to begin living a dream. On the final night one woman was able to continue living that dream. My heart hurts to see that dream, the one that so many long for, turn into a nightmare.

No, I am not a Miss America, but I have a special bond with Cara that 96 women before me have had with their Miss America. To stand there, holding hands with the future in front of both of us, is a moment that many cannot understand. I witnessed, up close and personal Cara's dream come true. I am proud of my sister and I am honored to be the one standing next to her once again. Cara and I saw each other again last month at Outstanding Teen. It was there that she shared her heartache. I stood there in shock listening to her pain and the mess she was going through. She came to me not as a competitor or just a friend, but as a sister she could confide in. Unfortunately, our conversation was cut short by someone Cara was supposed to rely on- someone that was supposed to be there for her. This person was attempting to record our conversation as a way to ensure Cara walked a thin line. I assured her that everything she said to me would stay confidential until she asked me to do otherwise.

Fast forward to the day Cara's letter was seen by all. A day where my heart continued to break. When she shared some of these things with me in person, I was furious. Then to read them with so much detail, I could not help but cry. Miss America was her dream. It was all she ever wanted, and it turned into something out of a horror movie.

This organization is supposed to be about empowering women across the country to be leaders, advocates, pioneers, and a true army of positive change. Instead ,it is full of argumentative and abusive behavior, attempts to silence promote, and downright turmoil.

I know I am not a Miss America I know I am not on a board.I know I am not an entire Miss America class. I do know that Miss America has taught me how to use my voice and stand up for what I believe in and I am going to do just that:

It is time for radical changes amongst our current leadership, including our CEO and President. They had an incredible opportunity to take Miss America in a positive and transformative direction, Instead it has been run into the ground. Anyone who knows me knows that I put my heart and soul into this organization year after year. I refuse to see it fall. Miss America changed my life for the better, I want to continue to do that for women far into the future.

I want to say, more than anything else, how truly proud I am of the current Miss America class. They have accepted the chaillenge of walking into the unknown with true grace and dignity. These 51 women are showing the world what Miss America is truly about, and I applaud them every single day.

Cara, it goes without saying, I stand with you. I have stood with you since the crown was placed on your head, and I will continue to stand with you after you pass it on. Thank you for embodying what Miss America stands for, and thank you for letting your voice be heard by all. Now, we have got a show to do!

Let's make Miss America Great Again!"

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    January 6, 1994

  • Missouri, United States


Bollywood Dance

Pageant Platform

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Diversity Matters

Which School Did Jennifer Davis Attend?

Saint Louis University

FUN FACTS about Jennifer Davis

After winning the Miss Missouri 2017 competition in June, Davis took a year off from college to continue competing.