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Jacqueline Wojciechowski


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Jacqueline Wojciechowski is a first generation Canadian born and raised in London, Ontario Canada. Her parents Mariusz and Ania Wojciechowski came to Canada in the early 1990’s from Poland, both with a vision of providing a brighter future for not just Jacqueline and her sister Sandra, but also for others by fostering over a dozen children in the past 17 years. Mariusz and Ania still to this day are foster parents and remain pillars of strong family values in both so many children’s eyes but also in the community. Jacqueline and her sister Sandra Wojciechowski have had so many foster brothers and sisters, it has been such a learning experience from each relationship and a blessing being part of such a strong family unit. By getting to share such a unique experience, she has found a fondness for helping children and hopes to bring awareness in any way that can benefit a child who needs a home.

While on her educational path of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at Western University, she strives to find a career that will help bring cultures and families together. Jacqueline currently works as a Medical Office Receptionist as well as teaches Polish folk dance for the last 6 years and is an active member in her Polish community. One of the most cultural influencing aspects of her life revolves around dance and Jacqueline feels it truly is the universal language. Her involvement with Cracovia (a Polish folk dance group) has allowed her to not only learn and instill the rich Polish dance history in her community’s children, but has also allowed her to travel and perform in Europe.

Jaqueline has travelled to numerous countries, each one giving her insight and knowledge of how different societies and cultures function, sharing the joys and differences that are the very essences of life. These interactions have fueled Jacqueline’s dreams to become an ambassador of not just our great nation, but of our universe.

Jacqueline is no amateur when it comes to the pageant stage. As a former Miss Canada Globe 2013 who continued to be the first Canadian to win Miss Globe 2014, she knows what the pageant life is all about. The strength and determination that each contestant on any stage must endure is tremendous, and Jacqueline is ready to show what raw, sheer intrepidity she has in her path for the crown.

For Jacqueline the crown represents every woman. It represents a dream of progression. It represents a step forward for what hard work and certitude that women strive for every day. Women have fought for so long, so hard, and women are changing the world now more than ever!

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  • Ontario, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Jacqueline Wojciechowski

Student at Western University

Which School Did Jacqueline Wojciechowski Attend?

Western University