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Heather Elwell


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Miss Maine USA 2015 Heather Elwell. Heather has won Miss Maine USA at the age of 26 and will move on to compete at Miss USA 2015.

Previous experience:
1st runner-up Miss Maine USA 2014
1st runner-up Miss Maine USA 2013
1st runner-up Miss Maine USA 2012
Non-finalist Miss FL USA 2011
Semi-finalist Miss FL USA 2010
Semi-finalist Miss FL USA 2009
NF Miss FL Teen USA 2007

Heather Elwell is an American delight exhibition titleholder from Portland, Maine. She was delegated Miss Maine USA 2015 and she will speak to Maine at Miss USA 2015.

Heather Elwell lives and meets expectations at Down East Magazine in Portland, Maine. Growing up, she invested the vast majority of her energy in a pontoon with her family in West Bath, ME. Heather has an adoration for the outside and two of her most loved diversions incorporate angling and climbing. At the point when warm climate is not around, Heather can be discovered performing one of her seven instruments. She was picked as one of seven flute players to go to Florida State University's College of Music where she got two professional educations in Music and Economics. She was on the drumline and performed at all football games. As a musical artist, she has set out to more than seven nations and one of her best exhibitions was on The Great Wall of China in Beijing. She now effectively volunteers at the Children's Hospital to perform music as a kind of treatment to youngsters with malignancy. A companion of hers once said, "Music is the thing that emotions sound like," and she wants to verify that people around her vibe happiness as she gives back through music.

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  • Maine, United States



Which School Did Heather Elwell Attend?

Florida State University College of Music