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Gracie Pfaff


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Image Height 5ft 10inch

Gracie Pfaff is not your average teenage girl. At the age of 12, she started her own 501(c)3 nonprofit, Harvest107, that is preventing hunger and malnutrition through sustainable agriculture. Gracie’s work led her and her family to Haiti where they lived for almost 5 years. This journey has shaped Gracie’s life in a major way. She has learned many life lessons along the way and dreams of sharing her experiences with others through public speaking.

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    August 17, 2001

  • Florida, United States

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What is the Occupation of Gracie Pfaff

Founder and CEO of Harvest107 Inc.

Which School Did Gracie Pfaff Attend?


Why start competing in pageants

Gracie’s mother always told her, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” This has become her motto and helped her build the courage to compete in pageants. Gracie felt these competitions were a great way to empower young women and raise awareness for global injustices.

FUN FACTS about Gracie Pfaff

Gracie loves singing and songwriting, doing yoga, and helping others. She is trilingual and dreams of traveling the world.

What is the Nationality of Gracie Pfaff