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Gabriella Brum


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Gabriella Brum s a former model and beauty queen of German-British origin who won the 1980 Miss World and resigned 18 hours later, initially claiming her boyfriend disapproved. She stated that this was because of the pressure from the news media, though there were also allegations that she had posed nude in a magazine. The first runner-up in the pageant, Kimberley Santos from Guam, then assumed the title.

On June 26, 1980, Brum was crowned Miss Germany at the International Congress Center (ICC) in Berlin. A Time article from July 1980 shows that her election to Miss Germany met with criticism. So it was complained that Brum no longer lived in Germany as the main residence.

On November 13 of the same year Brum won the pageant to Miss World in London, making her after Petra Schürmann the second German to carry this title. As the title holder, she was followed by the runner-up Kimberley Santos from Guam. The following day, Brum resigned on the grounds that her boyfriend disagreed with her new obligations; she voluntarily gave up her title after 18 hours because she "wanted to be with Benno instead of flying through the world under a strict contract for a year." Later it was revealed that allegations had forced her to resign because of nude photos of her. In an interview opposite the mirror, the photographer Wolfgang Heilemann declared himself as the author of these photos. The series was for the magazine Paris Match

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  • Auvergne, Germany

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