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Gabriela Molina


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Ana, who was born with a diagnosis of bilateral amelia (absence of upper limbs), is spreading the message that no obstacle is too big when you're prepared to work hard for what you want. Ever since she was a little girl, Gabriela dreamed of participating in a beauty pageant,

"I always told my family, one day, they'd see me, modeling or competing." She says.

At that time, her family dismissed her dreams and Ana completely understands their point of view.

"No one could ever imagine a person with a disability participating in a platform like that."

But, Ana hopes that her participation in the competition will show others that her disability has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and that if she can accomplish her goals despite having no arms, then anyone can accomplish their own.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology and is a motivational speaker, hosting conferences on personal development. She says that completing her degree was key in helping her gain the strength of mind and confidence to participate in a beauty pageant.

"No dreamer is too small and no dream is too big!" she wrote in a recent Facebook post.

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  • Veracruz, Mexico

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