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Eve Spence


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my mum has really bad epilepsy, so my parents dont work. Because she needs constant care.

that hasn't stopped my mum from trying to make sure I have the best start in life.
Miss/ Mr Diamond Australia Beauty Pageant. Is the first pageant I've ever entered. And I am the NSW 2019 National finalist for the mini division. Mum has borrowed money to pay my sponsorship fee. Because all the buisnesses in town are too tied up to help. Especially because in a small town mum doesnt have the skill or health to sociallise with other parents in town. So no one wants to help. So i could really use the sponsorship. And I will be entering the miss pageant planet pageant every month, in hopes of eventually recieving help. my profile pic was taken a year ago in front of nanas cupboard. with her iphone.
Im a honest kind caring compassionate person. A great big sister an awesome friend and a pretty good citizen. I have A principals gold award the sonya blondinau schollarship award which is awarded to good citizens who apreciate the help with school fees and in kindy i got the school citizenship special award for helping out cleaning up and being kind and showing compassion even to hose in the playground who bully me all the time when they are hurt or upset.
for my charity, I have chosen to raise money for the church of ubuntu in Newcastle.
they treat people with chronic and terminal illnesses with medical cannabis for free.
because it is currently illegal to sell it.

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    November 2, 2011

  • New South Wales, Australia

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Dancing art singing acting acrobatics

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public school Student

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modelling experience

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