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Destiny Skinner


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Image Height 5ft 2inch
  • Image Weight 105lbs

My name is Destiny and I am a very active person in my community and in my church. I volunteer all my time feeding the homeless, picking up garbage, collecting food for the food pantries, making bedtime bags for the children's hospitals and reading to sick children. I love volunteering and helping people in need. I put in many many hours a year of community service and believe that if everyone would contribute a little time out of their weeks that it would make a difference for someone. I set up my own platform that is a called "Save my Pretty Feet" which is a shoe drive that I ship to developing countries because they are in need of shoes.
I have made the top 10 in the finals at my first year at National American Miss Pageant in 2016. Came home with 4th runner up in Spokesmodel about bullying, 2nd runner up in Casual Wear, 1st runner up in Talent. In my second year at National American Miss in 2017 I came home with 1st runner up in Volunteer Service, 4th runner up in Spokesmodel, Made the top 20 in the finals, 2nd runner up in Talent, 1st runner up in Screentest. In my third year at National American Miss I came home with 1st place in Screentest, 4th runner up in Spokesmodel about climate change, 1st place in Volunteer Service with 1,920 hours of community Service hours and Photogenic portfolio award.
In August 2018 I entered a Photogenic pageant and won Miss Pre-Teen August Photogenic.
In September 2018, Entered Miss American Coed Pageant and took home the title 2018 Miss Dairyland and 1st place in Volunteer Service.
I want to join the Peace Corps when I graduate high school so I can go help developing countries and also want to get a degree in Social Work so I can also help children that are in need of guidance and a home. I have a very strong ambition in life and big dreams and I live my life everyday looking to what the future holds for myself but also for what the future holds for everyone else. There is a place for everyone in this world and that's why I volunteer all my time because everyone's lives matter and one person can brighten someone else's day and that makes a difference in this world.
Thank you to everyone at home in my community and my family for all their support and following me as I follow my dreams. I have big plans and big dreams and I appreciate all the support I get from everyone. Without it I could accomplish it but with it I accomplish more.

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    June 15, 2005

  • Wisconsin, United States



Pageant Platform

"Save My Pretty Feet" Shoe Drive

What is the Occupation of Destiny Skinner


Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants to boost my confidence and strenghten my communication skills. I joined in hopes to help with my future in a job and to help with all my community work that I do. I also joined so I could make friends from all over and make life long memories.

FUN FACTS about Destiny Skinner

I love to Dance, love volunteering, have an ambition for life, love to travel