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Chupy Macias


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Chupy Macias was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and began dancing and singing at the age of three. Her career has taken her all over Europe, since she performed with her family's African dancing group and continues to incorporate some form of dance throughout her life. At the age of 11, Chupy's family immigrated to Salt Lake City, Utah, since her parents wanted their children to have a better quality of life, improved living situation, and a way to accomplish their dreams.

She continues to dance, sing, act, and model throughout the years and has become an accomplished performer while simultaneously pursuing her education. Her dream is to become a successful role model in society, a figure to be held in high regard. Some of Chupy's biggest accomplishments include her performances as a dancer on Broadway, the Latin Grammy's, Billboard Awards, MTV Music Awards, etc. In addition, one of the highlights of her career was that she was able to share the stage (doing what she loves) with Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull.

Currently, Chupy is attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice. This is in addition to her degrees in Dance and International Language.

Ms. Macias is not a newcomer to the world of performing (dance), and is also quite versed in volunteer work. She has done various work and served numerous homeless shelters, participated in several organizations and church events across the U.S, and has also traveled worldwide doing humanitarian work. She knows and understands the value of helping others in need and the importance of investing your time in others to make a meaningful impact on their lives.

During the upcoming school year, from 2017-2018, Chupy will be participating in the Junior Achievement program. This program matches individuals with high school students and enables these students to empower them to achieve their own economic success. In addition, she will be traveling overseas with the same program to empower students across the globe.

As the old adage goes, "Learning is a continuous process. Every day, we learn something new." Chupy takes this to heart and considers her self a happy, positive, strong, diligent, super-proactive, engaging, self-motivated , and multi-tasking young woman.

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    March 6, 1986

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The platform I chose to advocate is education. Specifically education for all women, so that the world is shaped into a gender unified society, where everyone is afforded equally opportunity education, pay and rights. True equality cannot occur until all are provided the same access to education. All successful individuals have a duty to continue this momentum towards building and sustaining a better tomorrow. Education is an important key. Education allows us women to unlock and manifest our true potentials in a man's world. Realizing these true potentials when working together to promote change leads to monumental creations -- which transcend all cultures, and unite all people who care about particular issues. The importance of an educated woman's role in the global community is ever growing and the need for intellectual growth is ever important for stabilizing our future.

Which School Did Chupy Macias Attend?

Criminal justice