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Cayla Cowherd


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 150lbs

Fearlessness, authenticity and creativity are the components that sustain ones existence. Hailing from Anchorage Alaska, Cayla Cowherd mastered the art of dance in African, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Ballet styles. In 2013 Cayla was crowned Miss Virginia Union University and in the same year went on to compete and win Miss. National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame 2013-2014.

With 9+ years in the pageant industry, She is the author of her own book “Royalty and Power” which serves as a guide to current title holders during their reign and is also the owner and creator of Tacky Glitter Boutique, LLC. In her free time she enjoys interior decorating, coaching women to becoming their most confident self and bedazzling anything she can get her hands on.

Residing in Charlotte, NC Cayla Cowherd is an Assistant Property Manger at The Arlo Apartment Community, a professional cheerleader for the Charlotte Checkers AHL team, current reigning Miss. Charlotte USA 2019-2020 and the current reigning Miss. North Carolina Queen of the Continents 2019-2020.

Fearlessness, authenticity and creativity are the intangibles that continue to motivate Cayla to accomplish all of her dreams and inspire women all around the world to do the same.

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    January 21, 1992

  • North Carolina, United States

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Modern Dance

Pageant Platform

Fearlesness, authenticity and creativity are the intangibles that I feel help one develop the self esteem and confidence. I am passionate about helping women around the world cultivate and recognize those qualities within themselves through community service, image consulting and coaching, and creative art expression.

What is the Occupation of Cayla Cowherd

Assistant Property Manager Professional Cheerleader Creator and Owner of Tacky Glitter Boutique, LLC

Which School Did Cayla Cowherd Attend?

Virginia Union University

Why start competing in pageants

The very first time I competed in a pageant I was 14 years old and fresh off of an airplane from Anchorage, Alaska. I was at a new school in Richmond, VA and I was looking for a way to make friends. So I decided to compete in the Homecoming pageant. I did not win the pageant that year however I learned a lot about myself. #1, I didn't need to win a pageant just to make friends in a new place, #2, competing and winning a pageant takes strategic planning and mental preparation, and lastly no matter what I want in life don't stop going for it until its mine. Since then I have competed in five pageants and went home with four sashes and crowns. I contribute my success to the resilience that both my mother and father taught me. My mom raised four of us on her own (my older brother, twin sister, younger brother and me). I watched her get up and go to work everyday. I watched her start and finish many entrepreneurial endeavors. I witnessed her studying late hours for years to later congratulate her with a huge bouquet of balloons and flowers when she graduated with her doctorial degree in divinity. My mother did all of this and so much more for us growing up. What stood out to me is my mothers ability to remain timeless, classy and glamourous. With my Moms' own extensive pageant career to back her up, she never neglected the importance of poise and humility. My mother has taught me 85% of everything that I know when it comes to competing and winning a pageant. Early in my life I lost one of the most important people in my world, my father. I was seven years old so one can imagine how traumatic that experience was for me. Before my father passed away he was paralyzed and before he was paralyzed he served as a Sergeant in the Unites States Army. Even through my fathers circumstances of being paralyzed, his acts of fearlessness have left a lasting impression on me and on my outlook of life. I watched him try day after day to regain muscle memory and take a chance using his limbs. Even when he couldn't move anything but his eyelids, his determination is what continued to keep me inspired that he would one day walk again. At the age of seven I learned the true feeling and meaning of being FEARLESS. To be fearless is to believe and never doubt in yourself and the desires of your heart. I carry the mentality of my fathers fearlessness and my mothers poise and glamour with me every time I set my sights on a new goal.

FUN FACTS about Cayla Cowherd

Born and Raised in Anchorage, Alaska

What is the Nationality of Cayla Cowherd