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Camryn Morais


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Camryn Morais is a seventeen year old from East Freetown, Massachusetts. She is currently Miss New England USA Ambassador 2017, and uses her title to promote her platform, Mirror Babble. Mirror Babble is a blog dedicated to promoting self acceptance and confidence. Camryn has brought Mirror Babble into her community by conducting workshops for young children all over New England that dive deep into the topics of her blogs. She started competing in pageantry because she wanted to not only boost her own self esteem, but also to make lasting relationships across the country with other young women that have the same interests.

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    August 23, 1999

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Pageant Platform

Mirror Babble is a blog that was created by Camryn Morais in 2013. The blog promotes self acceptance and confidence, something that Camryn struggled with herself. Once the blog reached 125,000 views, Camryn decided to bring it into her community by hosting workshops for over 50 young women. In these workshops, Camryn explains her own struggles, plays interactive games, and talks about the topics discussed in her blogs. With over 300,000 views on her blogs, Camryn continues to work hard to promote such an important message.

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In the Media

ORR senior Camryn Morais is Miss New England Teen

19 May 2018 https://www.southcoasttoday.com/news/20170317/orr-senior-camryn-morais-is-miss-new-england-teen