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Cailyn Prins


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Cailyn Prins grew up in the small town of Durham, Ontario. Cailyn is 23 years old and has dual citizenship with Canada and the Netherlands. Her desire to experience more of her Dutch heritage inspired her to attain her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, Cailyn is pursuing her J.D. in law at the University of Toronto. Education is a priority for Cailyn, and one day she hopes become a lawyer working within the field of human rights.

One of Cailyn’s interests is traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. She has visited a number of different countries and hopes to see many more in the future. While studying abroad, Cailyn travelled to areas such as France, Denmark, Greece, Germany and Ireland. One of her favourite experiences was visiting China in high school. Cailyn was impressed by China’s welcoming people, incredible food and beautiful mountains. Cailyn believes travelling is an exciting way to learn about other parts of the world in an experiential format. Her passion for travel and exploration has fueled her desire to work in international law and focus on legal practices that transcend national boundaries.
Cailyn’s other interests include practicing violin, sketching, painting, and staying active. Striking a balance between health and studies is very important to her, and she tries to make time for physical activity five times a week. Cailyn is a strong believer in the positive effects that healthy eating and physical fitness can have on a person’s confidence and mental health. She enjoys participating in a number of physical activities such as pilates, yoga, jogging, skipping and dance. She is always willing to try new physical activities and loves a new way to challenge herself. A goal of Cailyn’s is to participate in a half marathon this summer.

Volunteerism represents another important component of Cailyn’s life. In furtherance of her interest in human rights law, Cailyn has worked with organizations such as Amnesty International and Free the Children. She also works as a member of the International Human Rights Program at her university, which allows her to conduct legal research and update reports on human rights violations pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity. Volunteering represents to Cailyn an opportunity to participate in the community and to make a difference, however large or small.

Cailyn is very proud to be participating in the Miss Universe Canada pageant this year. She has enjoyed preparing for the pageant and is excited to be among the many other qualified and diverse delegates on the Miss Universe Canada stage this year.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Cailyn Prins

Student at University of Toronto

Which School Did Cailyn Prins Attend?

University of Toronto