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Britney Jeschonek


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Blue
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Image Height 5ft 2inch
  • Image Weight 106lbs

I am a 15 year old, 10th grader who loves to compete, volunteer, do makeup, draw/paint, and research animals.. My favorite color is black and red, and one day hope to work with animals and take my drawing to a whole other level. I am a special needs child on the spectrum, and hope to be a voice for those with special needs some day.

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    April 10, 2005

  • Pennsylvania, United States

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“In a world where you can be anything...be yourself”

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Which School Did Britney Jeschonek Attend?

Virtual school

Why start competing in pageants

I began competing in pageants after being bullied for 3 years when an invite to a pageant system came in the mail. I asked my mom if we could check it out, and we did. I loved that it was something different, a way to do something fun without having to run into my bullies, you get to wear gorgeous outfits, and feel like you matter. It was a chance to make a change, meet new people, and start a new journey. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I love that I have the opportunity to be part of something truly amazing from competing to volunteering to showing people that even those who are special needs can make a difference and deserve to live their life.

FUN FACTS about Britney Jeschonek

I got a special needs egg hunt approved by my town

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