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Angella Dalsou


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Angella Dalsou competed at the Miss Saint Lucia Universe 2018 pageant at the Royal St. Lucian Hotel on July 31, 2018, where she won the crown, walked away with the title of Miss Saint Lucia Universe 2018 and received the opportunity to advance to the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

In August 2018, Dalsou made a strong comment regarding the #MeToo movement and the "cons of being pretty." She spoke out about sexual harassment and unwanted advances that she's faced in her life and that many other women face. She took to Instagram to express these frustrations and experiences. She wrote:

"Beauty is both a blessing and a curse. It’s not always easy understanding beauty and how other people perceive it.

I know I’m not the only one who heard from the age of 8 how beautiful they were and how pretty they will be when they grow up. From teachers, family friends, family members, church members, strangers. Some girls dont know how to handle that attention. Some turn to a lifestyle that accommodate these men and some become lost scared and helpless. Everyone feels like they want to be that type of beautiful. Have all that attention. But not many will stand up and preach on the cons of being “pretty”. The harassment by teachers, family friends, family members, church members and strangers. No one talks about how hard it is to endure the sexual harassment by men your entire life! Feeling hopeless and helpless that people whom you trust, who your parents trust, treat you like you’re a piece of meat.

You sister’s boyfriends who hit on you. Your best friend’s boyfriend… Your mom’s coworkers who flirt with u on a ride home. Your boss.. Your bus drivers who offer you money or phones or try to grab onto your thigh in the front seat. Your deacon who inappropriately comments on your dress. Your male friends who make you believe no man can be your friend. Dealing with this for all those years, all those secrets because you don’t know how you’re supposed to tell your mom that everyone she knows is disgusting. Not knowing how to voice out that “Im not looking for it”. That yes he offered me a good job but he also offered me more than I wanted [and] its apparently a package.

It can break your confidence. It can make you feel helpless and unappreciative of your beauty. Why do people harass me like this? Thats why I never put myself out there. Why would I when I can’t walk in the town without someone following me or grabbing me every few corners. When men in power who are suppose to offer me help with my career advancements come with strings attached… Where am I respected as a woman? As a human being.

How do I end this cycle of sexual harassment that Ive dealt with it since I was in Primary School.. Dont feel helpless. Concure it. Speak out. Show them you’re not afraid to expose them. Tell your parents. Post that conversation! Stand up for yourself. Dont let them ugly up your beauty. #tired #metoo #strong”

Miss Saint Lucia has never placed at the Miss Universe pageant, will Angella Dalsou make history and become the first Miss Universe from Saint Lucia.

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  • Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia

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Pageant Platform

Blue Project, an organization that provides interventions for young adults

What is the Occupation of Angella Dalsou

Secretary at the Micoud Secondary School

Which School Did Angella Dalsou Attend?

University of the West Indies

FUN FACTS about Angella Dalsou

Her dream is to become a Child Psychologist. She loves the great outdoors, hiking, climbing trees, and swimming. Angella is proud to have hiked the Gros Piton, which is the second tallest mountain on the Island of Saint Lucia.