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Alyssa Beasley


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown

Career Ambition: Business Owner/Physical Therapist

Favorite Movie Genre: A romantic comedy. My favorite movie is Forest Gump.

Who inspires you? My previous gymnastics coach, Ms. Angela Jones, has been a true inspiration in my life. Ms. Angela always sees the positive in life and finds a way to make each child feel special and unique. A catch phrase her late husband always said to her daily was “Do something good today” and she truly lives by that philosophy.

Favorite weekend activity: My favorite weekend activity, when I’m home, is going to the beach with my family, friends and most especially my fur babies, Keelo, Molli and Savvy!

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Lyrical Dance

Pageant Platform

#RiseUp: Impact Through The Arts

Which School Did Alyssa Beasley Attend?

Doctor of Physical Therapy/ Dance Minor