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Abby Merschman


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Abby Merschman won her very first pageant, winning herself the title of Miss South Dakota USA 2019, and is heading to the Miss USA 2019 pageant, which will be her second pageant. While she may be new to pageantry, she is no stranger to the stage. As a child, her dream was to have a future in the singing and acting industry, placing the first runner up in an International Models & Talent Association singer and actress of the year award, she had planned to move to Las Angeles after winning. However, a medical emergency changed her plans.

Abby found herself being rushed to the emergency room with terrible stomach pains, at the hospital they discovered that Abby has a disorder in the female organs called endometriosis. Endometriosis caused abnormal growth of cells, and the cause for the disorder is unknown/undiscovered by doctors. "I always knew something wasn't quite right," she said, "but looking back, I never spoke up to the extent that was needed."

Abby has made awareness for Endometriosis her platform and hopes to educate and encourage women to speak up about their health. Abby wishes to educate people around the world on the dangers of not catching endometriosis soon enough.

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  • South Dakota, United States

Pageant Platform

Awareness for Endometriosis

What is the Occupation of Abby Merschman

Digital specialist at Montgomery’s

Which School Did Abby Merschman Attend?

San Diego State University

FUN FACTS about Abby Merschman

Miss South Dakota USA 2019 was Abby's first pageant ever and she won! She worked out at 4:30 a.m. preparing for Miss South Dakota USA.