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World's Perfect Miss Pageants

location_icon.svgOrlando, FL, USA

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Rules of World's Perfect Miss Pageants

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?

    Both. We allow both male and female contestants.

  • What are the phases of competition?

    Swimsuit/Fitness, On-Stage Question, Interview, Evening Gown


About World's Perfect Miss Pageants

World's Perfect Miss Pageants 2023: Dates, Eligibility, and Prizes

Are you easy to talk to, an excellent role model for your peers, and know how to walk with confidence and style? Well, the World’s Perfect Pageant should be your next destination.

The World’s Perfect Miss is one of the twelve age divisions of the overall competition. The World’s Perfect Pageant judges are looking for someone like YOU who can connect modeling and pageantry.

When: August 3 to August 6, 2023
Where: Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort, Orlando, Florida
Who: 20-29-year-old women
Lights, smile, action!

How Much Is the Entry Fee for the Pageant?

Full entry fee: $895
Registration fee: $395 for contestants who have won or have placed in the Perfect preliminary pageant and model search
Accepted payment options: Credit card, PayPal, Cash App, and check
Payment plans: Available, two or more payments.

Note: You don’t have to purchase advertisement pages. Instead, each contestant will have a Spotlight Page.

How Do I Register for the World’s Pageant Perfect Miss?

So you think you got what it takes to be the next World’s Perfect Miss? Enroll and find out by following these four easy steps:

Fill out the online application form.
Send your headshot to the World’s Perfect Pageant email.
Pay the registration fee.
Submit your Perfect Spotlight Page to the World’s Perfect Pageant email.

Does the Organizer Provide Accommodation?

The organizers have landed a sweet deal and secured a discount for their contestants at the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort. Before you pack your bags, ensure you make a reservation for a special group rate of $125 per night until July 30, 2023.
Discounted parking is also available.

What Are the Competition Areas?

You will have the opportunity to show your capabilities in three competition phases:

Fashion walk with on-stage questions
Swimwear fashion
Formal attire

What Outfits Will I Need?

You will need different outfits for the three stages of the competition. While the first phase is with outfits from the organizers, you will have time to shine during the second and third runways.

Phase one - WOW wear outfit ($100-$150)
Phase two - one or two-piece swimsuit of your choice; accessories are allowed
Phase three - formal attire of your choice

Do I Need Previous Experience to Compete?

Fortunately, you don’t need any previous experience to compete in the most exciting fashion event of 2023. Furthermore, the World’s Perfect Miss competition requires no special performing talents.

World’s Perfect Pageant: Miss Schedule

The World’s Perfect Pageant has everything planned out for you. Here is the agenda for the competition.

August 3, 2023

4 PM to 8 PM
Getting to know the Perfect staff and sponsors
Purchasing any admission tickets
Registering for the optional international titles

9 PM
Reviewing pageant rules and regulations

August 4, 2023

7 PM to 9 PM
Miss Fashion Walk with on-stage questions

9:30 PM
Perfect Pajama Party

August 5, 2023

Noon to 2 PM
Miss Rehearsal

August 6, 2023
8 AM to 10 AM
Final Rehearsal

7 PM
Miss Finals and crowning

What Is the Prize for World’s Perfect Miss 2023?

The World’s Perfect Miss of 2023 will get a $1,000 cash prize and a long list of other fashionista prizes and modeling opportunities, including:

Photoshoot with Baron DaParre, the Miami fashion photographer
Designer wardrobe and shoe collection
Designer jewelry
Appearance in the Citrus Bowl Parade
The full list of prizes can be found here.

Can I Take Part in Any Additional Competitions?

This year, the organizers have gone above and beyond and will host; there will be four additional competitions. Participation is optional and costs $50 for each competition. By entering, you will have a bigger chance of leaving as a winner since there will be one winner in each age division.

World’s Perfect Supermodel
World’s Most Beautiful/Most handsome
World’s Perfect Fashionista/Fashion Icon
World’s Brightest Smile

The prizes for the Optional Competitions include a Perfect Crown, Banner, Trophy, and Scepter.
Remember to follow the official Facebook page of the Pageant and check the website for updates.

Ladies and gentlemen, to the runway, please!

Message From The Pageant Director

Hello Perfect Models, Friends, and Families!

I want to personally welcome you to the 13th Annual World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman, and Man Fashion Competition.

This event is one of the most fashion forward, progressive, contemporary, and exciting pageants in the world. We have combined the energy of high fashion modeling with the classic appeal of traditional pageantry. I am so proud and honored to meet the 13th class of

World’s Perfect Pageants!

On this website, you will find all of the information you will need to compete at the Pageant this July/August in Orlando, Florida.

The hotel arrangements, ticket sales, photo/video packets, schedule of events, and wardrobe requirements are included. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the International Office — we are only a telephone call or e-mail away.

It is my vision at World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman, and Man to provide an outlet for Perfect Models to compete and thrive in a competitive venue based on his/her ability to articulate their thoughts, stage presence, style and overall beauty! Every contestant competing is “perfect” in their own right, so simply sparkle YOUR way! So many times I am asked “What are the judges looking for?” The answer is simple, “YOU” so allow the judges to truly meet you! The selected panel of judges have been instructed to look for someone comfortable and easy to talk to, someone who represents their age, someone who has a sense of confidence and style! This person could be you!

World’s Perfect Pageants are not your typical-style pageants, it will be more like America’s Next Top Model meets a classic pageant. The Perfect Models will not be given specific walking patterns, but mere suggestions so that each may shine and not feel intimidated by a specific routine when it is his/her turn to grace the stage for the On-Stage Question, Summer Fashion or Swimwear Fashion, and Formal Attire. In watching Victoria’s Secret International Fashion Show, we are strikingly similar in style, energy, and appeal.

Citrus Productions has worked an entire year to create this fashion opportunity for all of the Perfect Models and hope it is one they will cherish for years to come! It is our vision to create an inspiring, contemporary event where Perfect Models may showcase what is an honest and real representation of today’s society!
You are all PERFECT!

We have gone International! We are now World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman and Man. Look through the website for more information about this exciting opportunity!