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USA Global Pageant

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Rules of USA Global Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown, Platform, Optional Resume, Optional Photogenic, Onstage Question, Optional Volunteer Service Award, Optional Talent, Optional Spokesmodel, Optional Runway/Fashion Model


About USA Global Pageant

Welcome to USA Global Pageant, America's Premiere Pageant for the confident, beautiful, educated, poised Lady and Gentleman with hearts that are ready and willing to serve and lead. 

For 2021 Nationals, we are merging two pageants in one, because we did not host a National Pageant in 2020 due to the pandemic. Therefore this year, we will unite Mr. Mrs. Ms. Black America Pageant and USA Global Pageant as two (2) shows in one (1) on Sunday, October 10, 2021.  
Contestants now have a one (1) in four (4) chance to earn a National Title in the former Mr. Mrs. Ms. Black America Pageant with 4 National Titles in each division as well as the newest USA Global Pageant also with 4 National Titles in each division. USA Global Pageant is open to all race and represents the united front that our country stands on and on the values of what the pageant stands for.   
Also for 2021 Nationals some States will NOT have State Pageants, but instead we are allowing delegates from the States based on application to earn State Titles and compete in the National Pageant.  State Titles remain in effect for the entire year even after Nationals. Apply today and showcase your royalty, leadership, excellency and "Own the Stage."

The following titles are being offered:

4 Titles in the Ms. Division
Ms. Black America 2020
Ms. Black America 2021
Ms. USA Global 2020
Ms. USA Global 2021 
4 Titles in the Mr. & Mrs. Division
Mr. & Mrs. Black America 2020
Mr. & Mrs. Black America 2021
Mr. & Mrs. USA Global 2020
Mr. & Mrs. USA Global 2021 
Contestants in each division have one in four chance to earn a National Title.  Effective 2022 and thereafter, only USA Global titles will be offered.
We showcase Families and Individuals who are making a difference in their homes and communities. The Royal Family are leaders, ambassadors, influencers and change agents. They are trendsetters on a mission to build strong families, strong marriages, strong communities and a strong economy. 

Apply today for one of our divisions
Mr. & Mrs. Division
Ms. Division (unmarried female )

USA Global Pageant provides the opportunity for those who would like to serve as National Ambassadors. It is a servant-leadership role and the Ambassadors are part of the National Team. The Ambassadors go through the same application process, investments, a Sash and Crown for the Ladies and Stole for the Males. They get to promote his or her self and have a platform but they do not compete for a national title.  Ambassadors serve for two (2) years. If you are unstoppable, purpose driven and are agents of change and ready to serve at a national level, then the Ambassador role is for you.  Learn more...

USA Global Pageant is based on 4 Pillars:
Strong Marriages 
Strong Families 
Strong Communities 
Strong Economy 

Platforms can be in any of the following areas:
Economical Wealth
Community Development
Building Legacies
Creating Dynasties

?National 2021 Administrative Office
11414 West Park Place, Suite 202
Milwaukee, WI 53224 
T: 312-278-7688
T: 262-345-7323

E: [email protected] 
W: www.usaglobalpageant.com
F: www.facebook.com/usaglobalpageant

"We are a Pageant with a Purpose"

Judging Criteria - NO SWIMSUITS

40% Interview - Private - with judges 
20% Evening Gown - Must touch the ground and can be any color, any style that showcases you!? 
10% on Stage Discussion - Answering a question on stage
15% Platform Showcase - Event or activity showcasing your platform 
15% State Attire / Costume - An Attire/Costume that represents your State

We look forward to you being a part of our Pageant.