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USA Ambassador Pageant

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Rules of USA Ambassador Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Interview, Evening Gown, Fun Fashion, Optional Volunteer Service Award, Optional Talent, Optional Spokesmodel, Optional Runway/Fashion Model, Optional Resume, Optional Photogenic, Optional Actress, Onstage Question, Activewear


About USA Ambassador Pageant

The U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that promotes success through leadership, integrity, character, and confidence to its pageant contestants. Founded in the Fall of 2010 by the mother daughter team of Barbara & Kristin Thurston, the pageant was established to promote each contestant's individual strength and encouraging its queens, contestants, and families to be involved in their communities and serve as ambassadors. To date, the U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant has donated to over 20 different charity organizations across the country and continues to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization which serves as their National Charity Beneficiary.

25% USA Fashion Wear (or highest optional competition score)
An outfit chosen by the contestant from her very own closet, that reflects what is fashionable for girls her age in her part of the country. The outfit should be a representation of her every day style.

15% Onstage Conversation/Chat
Interview style chat onstage with Pageant Emcee SLICC I Division will talk about hobbies or activities. SLICC II & SLICC III Divisions will receive a topic chosen by pageant judges. Topics will be given to contestants prior to the competition.

25% Evening Wear
Jr. Preteen Division may choose to wear a long or short formal dress, Preteen-Mrs. Divisions must wear a floor-length dress or gown.
35 % Interview
Three minutes, one on one interview with each judge.

Forever USA Ambassador Queens:
2019 Queens:
USA Ambassador Jr. Teen 2019 - Chantelle Cane
USA Ambassador Mrs. 2019 - Katie Holmes
USA Ambassador Ms. 2019 - Kayla Adams
USA Ambassador Jr. Preteen 2019 - Mary-Blake Haynes
USA Ambassador Miss 2019 - Julia Minakowski
USA Ambassador Teen 2019 - Gabriela Peña
USA Ambassador Preteen 2019 - Landis McKee

2018 Queens:
2018 Queens:
USA Ambassador Jr Preteen 2018 - Teagan Pendleton
USA Ambassador Preteen 2018 - Livvy Tieman
USA Ambassador Jr Teen 2018 - Sabrina Meza-Luna
USA Ambassador Teen 2018 - Tiffany Silva
USA Ambassador Miss 2018 - Breanna Barfield
USA Ambassador Ms 2018 - Amber Burgess
USA Ambassador Mrs 2018 - Melissa Anderson

2017 Queens:
USA Ambassador Mrs 2017 - Marla Viturello
USA Ambassador Ms 2017 . - Jansine Green
USA Ambassador Miss 2017 - Sierra Hack
USA Ambassador Teen 2017 - Camryn Morais
USA Ambassador Jr. Teen 2017 - Kyla Lima
USA Ambassador Preteen 2017 - Emma Cook
USA Ambassador Jr. Preteen 2017 - Sierrah Hudson

2016 Queens:
USA Ambassador Little Miss 2016 - Erin McGrady
USA Ambassador Jr. Preteen 2016 - Valeria Perez
USA Ambassador Preteen 2016 - Sophie Schaked
USA Ambassador Jr Teen 2016 - Eileen Zrubek
USA Ambassador Teen 2016 - Carissa Wu
USA Ambassador Miss 2016 - Breanna Barfield
USA Ambassador Ms 2016 - Dymond-Elise-Hayes

2015 Queens:
USA Ambassador Little Miss 2015 - Ansley Roper
USA Ambassador Jr. Preteen 2015 - Ashlyn James
USA Ambassador Preteen 2015 - Abbie Mueller
USA Ambassador Jr Teen 2015 - Reagan Marie Wayne
USA Ambassador Teen 2015 - Brenna Griswold
USA Ambassador Miss 2015 - Brie Edmister
USA Ambassador Ms 2015 - Victory Ramnarine